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  1. Well I did it, pulled the trigger, "frameless Renegade 30 pounds, from Dave Scadden" I met Dave and got to see his boats and try it. You can actually stand up and fish on still water with this thing. I'll let you all know if I go in for an involuntary swim. Thanks for all your help.
  2. The Stealth Pro seems to be getting a lot of attention from various sources. I do not intend to be on any water above class II. I guided raft trips on white water so I do realize how a good day can go bad. The set up time may be the clincher. I don't have the storage room to keep it set-up and ready to go. So it would have to be taken down each time, or leave it in the living room. Wife would love it.
  3. I am thinking about a pontoon, this may already be on the forum. So as far as I can tell the only drawback to the frame is the weight. But, it seems like the week link with the frameless is the oar connections. Anyone have any feedback on either? Also, is there just one kick ass brand out there that I may be missing. Any information would be helpful.
  4. Thanks for all the responses, very helpful. I guess, like the rest of fly tying, as I keep at it, in a few weeks of months it'll all be second nature. So, Sally Hansen's is a nail polish harder and I can get it in the beauty section?
  5. Glueing can be somewhat tedious and messy. It seems as though from fly to fly, I'm not using enough or to much. When should I use the brush or use the application tip. Is there a best method to apply this stuff. Second thing is how many different glues does a tier need? Head cement, lacquer, easy flow, UVC, thick flow, goo, thin, epoxy, quick dry, never dry, flexi bond, etc. I actually thought my eyes were going to start bleeding reading all the different glues. Seriously, I have figured out that most of my fishing is subsurface, which leads to more fly damage. Is there one goo better then the other?
  6. Two things, when tying the wet fly what is the best way to measure the size of the hackle. Sometimes the hackle seems really long compared to the body, just a little out of proportion. Second thing is, number of wraps, the appearance of the fly with 2 wraps appears sparse, although in a tub of water looks good. Is there any advantage to adding more wraps?
  7. Wow! great article flytire, the limp cobra article was about as much detail on one technique I've seen in a while. Nice. Yep, it helped.
  8. Thanks, most of the comments make sense. I will try using maybe 1/3 the amount of dub that I use when using a loop and see if I have better success with the noodle. So far I can say I don't like the wax.
  9. I seem to have more luck and better results using a dubbing loop rather than just spinning the dub on the thread. Is there a down side to using loops, other than speed?
  10. I like the your Bugger, nice tie back on some of the materials. Your fly seems to work, nice video.
  11. Very nice, I am going to be experimenting with all the comments to find the best and quickest to use for the bottom fly. I just need to figure out how to not let work interfere with my fly tying and fishing!
  12. Weather is nasty out...good time to be tying. Anyway, I have been messing with the Czech style flies and seems that this is a unique type of tying that really makes you think how the fly will be used. I'm thinking of placement of the fly on the rig. Usually, the heaviest fly is on the bottom, with that in mind I been testing the jig style hooks to be tied as the heaviest to ensure it gets to the bottom to reduce snagging (it is supposed to dangle hook up). That was long winded...is there a way to tie on standard nymph hook so that it dangles hook up? Maybe through techniques or weighting?
  13. Just printed out the hook conversion chart. This will be a huge help. Thank you!
  14. Thanks for the information. I will be sure to check everything out.
  15. I'm new to this, forum stuff and fly tying. Does anyone know of a hook index that would cross reference most of the hooks used in tying. Going into the fly shop and looking for a Partridge 847 in a size 16, 2x long, (fly shop doesn't carry Partridge hooks) although they do carry Mustad, Umpqua, Gamakatsu, Daiichi, etc., you get what I am talking about. It's weird, I can't seem to find a reference anywhere. Second thing is, a person new to tying really isn't going to know the difference between a nymph hook, scud hook to a dry fly hook.
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