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  1. Swinging up fall run Hebgen browns? Also, a friend gave me a bag full of I guess parrot feathers. Golden pheasant, partridge, and parrot. I think the parrot hackles pretty well, mixed with partridge.
  2. Flytire- loving the wet flies. Nice photos too. Sandan- you sure are gearing up for the Juan! Keeps those midges coming. Have you tried any of Andy Kim's patterns? Also some good ole WD-40's
  3. Mvendon- those rusty nymphs look super buggy. The Cream- you're rocking the bullet head marabou muddlers. Going to have to copy soon for smallies! Great flies everyone
  4. Sandan- thanks! Should catch a bass or two. I also like the look of it for tossing to big brown trouts. When are fishing the Juan? I need to get out there some day. I go to NM often but never the Juan. I like your micro nymphs
  5. movement- new use for ostrich herl- quest for big riverbass (already know how to catch the little ones)
  6. Very nice, Mr. Kimo. I think that midge pattern would kill tied in the right sizes. What did you tie as the abdomen?
  7. Wow- Kimo, what did you use for the post for the parachute hackle? Great flies everyone
  8. So was under lining the 6 wt rod the solution? And cold weather is a great time to toss streamers, at least in Arkansas
  9. Yes, keep the classics coming, I dig them as well. Excellent work and thanks for sharing. The cool thing of the classics, besides being fun to tie, is they still work after so many decades. What's not to like?
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