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  1. A few years back I did my own personal "tiny thread" comparison with what I have tried, similar to what Silver posted above. My photos are pretty poor, but you can see the profile on a number of the smaller threads. I never made any conclusive decision...
  2. Thanks Sandan and Silver. I'm ordering two spools of maxima.
  3. It's still USPS and ups, it's just that you order and print out your label at home via the pirate ship website. You take your package to the post office or ups store, prepackaged and prelabeled. It's very convenient actually, you might find you prefer it. I know I do. But you do have to pack it and weigh and measure it yourself (and label it) from home.
  4. I've been using the improved clinch knot for about 30 years now, and it fails on me often, though mostly on hooks not on tippet rings. I always thought it was me. I'll have to unimprove it from now on, thanks for the tip.
  5. I came across a bunch of LaFontaine Private Label Flies at an estate sale a while back, and I've decided I'd like to keep one of each and trade the others for flies tied by other notable tyers. All reasonable trades considered. Here's what I have (pics to follow) 1. Pink Lady Double Wing #14 (4 available) 2. Orange Mohawk #16 (5 available) 3. Diving Blue-Winged Olive Egg-Layer #16 (4 available) 4. Bead Head Twist Nymph #16 (5 available) 5. Halo Mayfly Emerger #16 (4 available) The above came in packages that were labelled as shown. The decedent (who was not a great fly tyer) also had a few loose sparkle pupa patterns, which I believe we're also purchased from LaFontaine's Private Label Flies during the same time period, but I have no documentation to show it. They are: 6. Deep Sparkle Pupa (2 available) 7. Emergent Sparkle Pupa (1 available)
  6. Good to see you back in it @planettrout
  7. Look, when I visit the site on Google Chrome from my standard issue Android phone (Motorola on Verizon Wireless), there is a triangle with an exclamation point in the URL address line. (It does the same when I visit the site on my Dell computer, Windows 11 operating system.) When I click on that triangle, it says, "Connection is not secure. You should not enter any sensitive information on this site (for example, passwords or credit cards), because it could be stolen by attackers." Google adds detail about what that means when you click a "Details" hyperlink. According to Google, not according to me: " Not secure . . . "We suggest you don't enter any private or personal information on this page. If possible, don't use the site. "Not secure: Proceed with caution. Something is severely wrong with the privacy of this site’s connection. Someone might be able to see the information you send or get through this site. . . ." Here's a screenshot from my phone showing the triangle in the URL address line
  8. Not quite. Hacked this site when I entered my password here, while unsecured (http), and then used the chugbug email I use on my account here to try their luck on Best Buy. I entered my password here yesterday and got the notice from Best Buy overnight. I assume they went to Best Buy with it because they can easily sell anything they might get away with buying there.
  9. Fyi, just yesterday I had to re-enter my password here after logging out by accident, and my info did get hacked. (Someone tried to use the password I entered at Best Buy.) I've got an unsecure connection here (http).
  10. I was just noticing that belly pics are few and far between, oddly enough, in fly tying books. Harder to capture and not as nice a pic to look at, but really that's the useful angle.
  11. Thanks for the explanation FT
  12. It can be hard to tell when someone's pulling the wool over your eyes, and often that's just what we want. Hence, the Tups Indispensable.
  13. Ope there goes gravity... No worries, the flies will wait. Amazing trips there
  14. Use a password that you don't mind anyone knowing. Right? Or is there some other meaningful risk to posting on here I'm unaware of?
  15. https://flyfishingthesierra.com/instfrenchie.htm
  16. There are lots of options for learning to tie nymphs. I like this free resource from Steven Ojai in the Sierras. Lots of other good stuff in there, too. https://flyfishingthesierra.com/flybox.htm Here's his page on Frenchies https://flyfishingthesierra.com/frenchie.htm Here's an interviewer with George Daniel on selecting nymph patterns for Euro nymphing style fly fishing (the type of fly you posted).
  17. New to tying or also new to fly fishing? What waters you fishing, and for trout or something else?
  18. For hook and bead, you'll save lots with wholesale fly co, who offers a quality product https://www.wholesaleflycompany.com/product-page/model-19-heavy-jig-hooks-60-degree-vertical-eye-100pk Swipe right on their pic to figure out size and matching bead (also through wfc at good prices) But their hooks aren't black If you need a black hook, I think JS Stockard has it, and you can call them for help with sizing. They're good on basic materials, too, but no bargain on postage https://www.jsflyfishing.com/daiichi-4647-heavy-wire-jig-hook-black-nickel?child=HK-054647-G016&utm_source=google_base&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=gbase_feed&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqPGUBhDwARIsANNwjV6r0EHBuTdW_gor24Er3qJLBI9pGl_kzbMMAWZbUgqC0UMO6UkCrWgaAo8PEALw_wcB&p=1
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