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  1. I purchased this fly at Abe's on the San Juan River. It is a size 18 BWO. I would like to tie this fly, and I think I have figured out all the materials except the parachute. It appears to be a natural fiber, but I could be wrong. If anyone could give me some insight as to what they think it might be, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I would be interested in knowing what material is commonly used for parachutes in this smaller size. Thanks so much.
  2. mty1

    Carhartt Crazy

    I really like the ruggedness of their jackets and coats. I initially thought they would be the perfect cold weather, sit around the campsite after fishing jacket. The problem I had was with the cheep metal zippers that seem really outdated and always bind. If these jackets had a more modern nylon zipper, like a YKK, I would give them two thumbs up. Instead, I ended up donating my jacket to Goodwill.
  3. Well, you asked for it. I'm definitely a new tyer. I am very talented at making other people feel really good about their fly tying skills. This is called a Bread and Butter fly. I learned about it on the https://troutbitten.com/ website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kmJBd2izjW4 I was actually feeling pretty good about my fly until I blew it up several sizes larger than life size. I have new found respect for the fly tyers who display their work on the internet. I'm looking forward to learning a lot on this site.
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