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  1. Gotcha, Thanks. I constantly fight with keeping eyes on so I am going to give this a shot. I have used Liquid Fusion to stick them on but never did an overcoat.
  2. caloosa, About how long are you letting the Liquid Fusion dry before you put on a new coat? I know the bottle says to let it set for up to 24 hours to get the best results, but I assume you are not waiting that long. Thanks.
  3. As some others have said, it is going to depend on the brand of boots. My old Hodgman H3 boots are a size larger but my current Simms G3 boots are the same size as my regular shoes. Obviously it would be best if you could try them on in person, but with that not necessarily possible right now, I would just order them from somewhere where you can return them for a different size if needed.
  4. I do a lot more reading than posting but I wanted to share something new I came up with that has been working very well on sunfish and spotted bass in the local creeks and rivers in North Texas. I call it the Ten Mile Creek Critter since that is the creek it was first fished on. Here is an olive version and a brown version. Materials used: Hook: Size 14 jig hook Weight: 3 mm slotted tungsten bead Thread: 10/0 Ribbing: Chartreuse or Olive ultrawire Body: Sculpin Golden Brown or Damselfly Olive Whitlock's SLF Dubbing Hotspot: Burnt Orange Haretron Dubbing or Shrimp Pink Sow/Scud Dubbing Rubber Legs - Root Beer or Olive Micro Grizzly Tail: Whiting Coq de Leon Edit: not sure how to post the pics bigger, but hopefully these work.
  5. Those look great. I tie a crawfish using his sand crab dubbing. Works really well in his orange and olive colors. Do you have a picture of one of the shad you tied? I bet it looks pretty good. These are tied on a size 8 Lightning Strike saltwater hook with small bead chain eyes. They are less than 2 inches long each. For the last few months the striped bass I fish for in the Red River below Lake Texoma have been keying on really small shad and these do the trick. The ones on the left are using the new Yellow Stripe Shiner. The ones on the right are in another one of his new colors, Olive and Orange.
  6. Those look great. I tie a crawfish using his sand crab dubbing. Works really well in his orange and olive colors.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. The Hobby Lobby near me had it in 4-5 colors, as well as some slightly larger bead chain (about the size sold as small bead chain in fly tying stores) in metallic red and metallic blue and matte white. All of it not only came home with me, but it was all on sale 50% off. Can't beat that.
  8. If you are looking for something on his sight that he doesn't offer, don't hesitate to reach out to him. I tie a kreelex-style Clouser minnow using Northern Flash and was wishing he had something that looked more shad-like. I emailed him asking if he could make something up that resembled the sexy shad coloration you see in crankbaits (a mix of yellow, silver and blue) and within 24 hours he had not only responded saying he would put something together, but had the new Yellow Stripe Shiner coloration for sale on his website. Can't beat that for customer service.
  9. Allen Fly Fishing has 30 percent off hooks and 20 percent off beads.
  10. I've seen those Anvil scissors at my local fly shop. How exactly do these scissors work? I am sure it is simple but I can't wrap my head around it.
  11. That will work just fine. You aren't going to have to cast far. I typically fish it with a 6'6" 3/4 weight Eagle Claw Featherlight.
  12. City Park is a beautiful place and you'll enjoy fishing there. It can get crowded (with park users, not necessarily fisherman) when the weather is nice but there is a ton of water so you shouldn't have trouble finding a spot to fish. Matt Bennett (Fly Geek Custom Flies) has a fly called a Rio Getter (he has a how-to-tie video on YouTube) that works really well for Central Texas Rios, so I assume it would work well for their Cajun cousins. Rios like warmer water and from my experience aren't too active in the winter (although I am not sure how much "winter" New Orleans actually receives) so you may want to target another species in that time. Also, Bayou St. John runs along the east side of City Park and is salt water (Lake Pontchartrain is just to the north). I know it holds speckled trout but I have never fished it so I can't offer any tips on when the fishing is best for them. But if you can find them, small baitfish and shrimp patterns will get them to bite. I also enjoy fishing the canals in Metairie and Kenner that flow into Pontchartrain. They are not scenic, but hold a good number of Rios, carp and gar (and presumably bass and sunfish although I have never caught them there).
  13. I've found the size 10 1/80 jig heads work real well for smaller bass and sunfish here in Texas. I have used up to the size 8 1/64 jigheads when I want a slightly larger hook, but the 1/80 is my bread and butter size. The usual pattern is basically a woolly bugger with no hackle; just a chenille body and marabou tail. Color doesn't seem to matter but I typically fish white, black and olive.
  14. I've never fished for tarpon or tied tarpon flies (not a lot of them swimming around in North Texas), but actually have something to add to this thread. In his book 101 Favorite Saltwater Flies, Dave Klausmeyer says about a tarpon fly originated by Joe Brooks, that "there is a bare space behind the eye for tying the fly to the leader using a turle knot."
  15. I have had nothing but great experiences with FTD. Haven't used the Starburst dubbing, but have liked all of the 8-10 dubbing I have tried. My favorites are the Kraken (and its variants), Sand Crab, Leech and Arctic Wind. I don't tie many dry flies but the Skeeter Fuzz dubbing has worked great when I have used it. I have only been ordering from him for about a year, but in that time he has almost always had my order shipped out within 24 hours and usually to my door within four days. (Google searches show his shipping time used to be slower, but that appears to have been fixed). As far as his non-dubbing materials, I like Congo Hair and all of his flash and leg material. The Northern Lights flash material is great and makes streamers really stand out.
  16. I use the Dr. Slick tungsten carbide scissors for most of my tying and have their hair scissors as well. Both work great.
  17. I don't do any trout fishing in Dallas, Texas, but use soft hackles a lot on sunfish. Typically in rivers and creeks I fish a size 12 soft hackle as a dropper under a foam hopper. I am sure color doesn't matter, but typically I tie them with purple bodies with dark gray hen hackle and a gold bead. But like I said, every color combination I have ever tried has worked, so I just tie what I think looks good and don't worry about it.
  18. This fly looks great and I definitely need to tie some up. Do you have a problem with the zonker strip fouling on the hook point since it is not tied down at the rear of the fly?
  19. Thanks. The trip got rained out and rescheduled for September, so I am going to have to wait a bit longer to see how the flies work.
  20. I tied it in like you would EP fibers on a Tarpon Toad. I lined the dubbing up as much as possible before tying it on so there wasn't any trimming required. I think I tied it in in three bunches, each a bit smaller around in diameter than a pencil. Good luck! The weather is looking a bit dicey in the New Orleans area this weekend but hopefully we'll be able to get out at least one day.
  21. I have been tying some flies for a trip later this week down to Louisiana for redfish. Decided to come up with a crab pattern using his sand crab dubbing in the blue crab color. No idea if it will catch fish, but I think it looks relatively crabby. Also, I just picked up some of the bulk dubbing packages he is selling on the front page of his website for $2.50. They are are huge amount of dubbing compared to the regular packages. He says they are about 5 times as much dubbing and I would agree completely, maybe even arguing they were a bit more than that. Also, nice video Chia. I am still trying to get the amount of hair right on my baitfish flies. I always start off strong and then finish with way too much. Just takes practice.
  22. The Congo hair is great for baitfish patterns, as is the slightly thinner in diameter Water Silk. Plus, his fibers come in dozens of colors so there is no doubt you will find just what you are looking for. I also like tying buggers with the MS Bugger and Kraken dubbing blends in a dubbing loop. I have read online that his shipping times used to not be too quick, but I have ordered three times in the past few months and the products have shipped within 48 hours each time.
  23. Same experience I have had. My Dollar Tree has chartreuse and blue car wash mittens for $1 each.
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