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  1. QUOTE (SDHflyfisher @ Feb 27 2004, 03:18 PM) hey eric i was at the same flyshop that day and saw dave the fly fishers in west allis wisconsin Right-on! Are you from the Milwaukee area as well?
  2. Hey all, Simple question: ever meet any famous fly fishing/tying celebs? A local fly shop (one of the largest in the midwest) has a christmas party every year and when I went last (probably 5 years ago) the guest was Dave Whitlock. He was great, a bunch of people sat around and watched him tie some flies and listened to him talk about his experiences. I got a signed copy of his book about fishing for trout. I also showed him some of my patterns that I developed myself and he really took interest in them. One was particularily unique and he said that it gave him some ideas of his own. Anybody have any stories to share?
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    QUOTE (Bryanfly15 @ Feb 26 2004, 09:09 PM) Welcome home crazy E. I have a friend named Eric and we call him crazy E. This is a site you will have fun with. One nice thing about fly fishing and tying, it is never to late to restart. Enjoy and welcome Feel free to call me crazy E, I like that! I'm going home this weekend (I live at the dorms in my college) and I think I'll pick up the ol' tools again and see if I still have the tying talent. It was so much fun back when I used to do it, literally my life revolved around tying/fishing.
  4. I like the strongbad avitar. Good choice.
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    Hello everyone! I just found your forum today while searching the web, and I have to say it is quite the resource! I have spent a few hours looking through the posts and this looks like a great place. Anyway, my name is Eric and I am 19-year-old student in the Midwest. I began fly tying before fly fishing believe it or not. I tied my first fly at the age of 12, using a book from the library as reference. My grandfather tied flies so my aunt was happy to provide me with tools and materials that were down in her basement. I am pretty much self-taught: I spent a year or so after I first started tying practicing techniques on and refining my own. After that (ages 13-15) I enrolled in several classes at the local fly shop to correct some mistakes I had been doing while tying. I truly consider fly tying to be an art, and I love tying the flies more than fishing them. I haven't tied a fly or been fishing in three years, but lately (maybe the spring air coming through?) I've had a craving to start again. I have drawers full of materials waiting to be tied. I figured this would be the perfect place to rekindle the spark. Anyone else from the Midwest, specifically the Milwaukee area?
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