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  1. Just received the calendar in the mail. It looks great.
  2. Redwing, I found a pattern on the forum for a minnow. The writer said "...with a toothpick apply a coating of 5-min epoxy to the body of the fly..." I thought it was possibly to give the fly a bit of shine and / or durablity. The fly by the way is named Ian's Epoxy Minnow. I have tied a couple fo these flies but have not applied any epoxy yet. That was a suggetion...tie several then apply the epoxy to them. Anyway, being a relative "newbie" at tying, I am glad for the responses I've received and am learning a great deal.
  3. Letumgo, it does help a great deal. So when you mix the 2 clear components you can then coat a fly with this epoxy and it will not have any ill effects on the fly, right? Now, for the question I should have asked first...Why put epoxy on a fly?
  4. Ok, guys, you've been very patient, but I have yet another question. This one on epoxy. I have seen this material used in some of the fly patterns, explanations, etc. on the forum. The only epoxy I'm familiar with is the type where you mix 2 materials and it then bonds things very well. Is this the same "stuff" mentioned in the forum posts? :dunno: I have seen where some coat the finished fly with epoxy. Surely it can't be this material I know of because it is an ugly looking color when the 2 components are mixed. My only guess is that there is a clear epoxy out there I'm not familiar with. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks for the advice. I did get to the store and bought ONE package of stick on eyes. I have some super glue on hand and will try that. Correct me if I'm wrong...I will apply a dab of super glue to the fly, then set the eye in place. I hope this works because the body of the fly is looking good and definitely looks like a minnow. The eyes will make it "irresistible"! :yahoo:
  6. Do stick on eyes stay on the fly for a length of time? I have recently come across a minnow pattern using such eyes. In the past in tying a Clouser I've used dumb bell eyes and 2 connected beads from bead chain, but have not used stick ons. I don't how well they would stick, or for how long.
  7. I found using just a bit of chap stick applied to the "thingies" helps the spool turn easily.
  8. First of all, Red, the photos you sent are great. Before I began the post I sat at my table and followed your steps. Best sucker spawn I've tied so far! Thanks. Letumgo, your photos are also excellent. The coffee stirrer is great idea and I will surely pick up a few to give it a shot. As so many have advised I am using less strands of yarn, and that has made a big difference. I tried to buy some micro yarn, but the shop didn't have any. I will keep looking though. I got a report from a stream a little north and in spite of the warm weather, the water has stayed cool and the fish are biting, especially in the morning. My hope is to get up there this week and try out these flies. I'll keep you up to speed on my progress and luck.
  9. Thanks to all for their help and advice. I've been practicing and am making progress. I needed to...1) use thinner strands of egg yarn...2) although thinner, I needed to cut longer strands...3) I needed to hold the strands much tighter against the hook. I did much better with a single strand of yarn than with 2 as shown in some diagrams. I'm figuring that if I can tie the single strand, I will then work on the double strand. I'm off to the fly shop now to get some micro yarn which I understand works well too. I will let all know how I'm doing, and if I ever figure out how to post a photo, I'll show you.
  10. Red, got the PM and will wait to hear from you again. I think am still working at it and making some progress. The micro yarn looks promising and I will see if my local shop has that material.
  11. With the autumn season closing on us, I wanted to get a start on tying some flies for the steelhead fishing. I know sucker spawn is very effective, but I'm really having trouble with them. Any suggestions?
  12. Deeky, that makes sense to me. See, after only a week on this forum I've learned a lot!
  13. Thanks, Frank. That info is very helpful. Now, are there fly hooks with wider bends? If so, do they have different numbers, etc.?
  14. Thanks Madkasel. I will give those a shot. It isn't necessary to put that bend for I've had success with straight legs. Just something new to try.
  15. As I look at the array of hooks at my local shop, I am confused by the sheer numbers of styles of hooks. I understand size, and nymph, streamer, dry fly hooks, etc. My confusion begins with 1x, 2x, etc. What do all the numbers and letters mean? Thanks in advance.
  16. I have recently begun to tie foam bodied flies and have attached legs by using a bodkin to poke a hole through the body, then thread the leg through. This works well. However, I would really like to put a bit of a curve in the front and rear legs to give it a more realistic appearance. So, if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be grateful.
  17. Thanks all. I think I can take it from here. Down2, your enclosed picture is a big help. I should have the makings for such a "fly" for I have small twister tails for trout and bluegill. I'll keep you guys up to speed on my progress.
  18. Saw on a fishing report (board at a local sporting goods store) that the fish in a nearby stream are hitting the "amazing wooly grubber". Now I've heard of tied wooly buggers and wooly worms, but I have not heard of a wooly grubber before. Have any of you heard of, or tied such a fly? I did see 1 description of it on the net...a wooly bugger with a twister tail. I would like to tie a couple but don't know where to start. Thanks in advance.
  19. Welcome from yet another new member from PA. I'm from the western part of the state, new to fly fishing, but working hard at it. Love the sport, looking forward to reading this forum, and learning a lot.
  20. Thanks for the welcome, guys. As I said, I'm new to the sport. Always wanted to take it up but didn't until I retired. Now, like so many, I'm hooked on both the fishing and the tying. I spend a lot less time in the sporting goods depts, and more time in the sewing and craft depts. I think people are going to start to wonder about me. Anyway, I hope to get some help, advice, and hints from those on this forum.
  21. I'm new to fly tying, but my "mentor" told me, and it works, put a bit of chap stick on the bobbin then attach your spool of thread. It really makes a difference.
  22. Hey Young, I too am new and also from W. PA.
  23. Hey all. New to this forum and fly fishing in general. Love the sport and love tying flies. Although I'm not real good at it yet, I'm learning and enjoying every aspect.
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