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  1. I like one at a time, you ge way more control. When wrapping the second hackle, sort of waver it back and forth as you go around the shank, it works its way in between the brbules of the first one.
  2. That's funny you say that. Making the video led to me seeing videos of guys who catch and cook crawdads. Looks fun and delicious!
  3. I like it, Fishingguy! That's some crazy dubbing you used. Did you mix it yourself? An old freind, Mark Stothard, made a pattern he called the "Econocrab". It was a crayfish pattern that was quick and easy to tie. It relied on heavy dubbing that got picked and brushed out. The whisk-broom effect dispensed with having to make claws, antennae, or legs. It was pretty cool.
  4. I use them without the bead. Here in western NY, our streams are slower and you have to regulate exactly how much weight you put on.
  5. Whoa. As the late Mark Stothard used to say, "It Schmookles!"
  6. Swampsinger, I've used a lot of different materials in developing this fly, the result you see is my favorite iteration. The rubber you use for legs is not that durable and gets bitten off fairly quickly. I don't have a problem threading the quill through the eye. It gets thinner toward the tip, if you have trouble just trim it shorter. The weighting method I show is what makes the hook ride upside down. You could bend the shank a little into a keel shape and that would help too. I just tie the fly on with a trilene knot (double loop clinch). You should tie a few, experiment as much as you like. Maybe you'll improve it. Pete
  7. Somewhere around 30 years. I can't pin down when I exactly began. In junior high I remember putting hooks in my dad's metal vise and using scrounged feathers to make crude flies that I may or may not have actually fished with. In college is when I bought "Mastering the Art of Fly Tying" by Dick Talleur. Excellent primer for anybody who is serious about getting started. I got to meet Talleur years later, when he did a slide show at our local TU banquet. Anyway, from college on is when I was serious about tying.
  8. Hello All, I just signed up for this message board. Let me introduce myself as a Western NY fly tier and fisherman. I have been making this crayfish pattern for years, one of the few that I can call an original design. I made a video of it here:
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