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  1. hey Stel, What team does your brother play for, what age, and what level? Maybe my son has played against him. Marc, You're getting off cheap. My daughter has played premier soccer for three years and my son one. My wife and I budgeted $4000 for this year to cover dues, travel, gas, lodging, equipment, and misc. It's a crying shame neither like to hunt or fish, it would be alot cheaper!!!!, but I love watching them play. Riverman
  2. Row your boat with pride John. That's a great looking new boat. Riverman
  3. For me it's my hemostats. It makes removing the hook so much faster and cleaner. I have had mine for 32 years now and have been known to have a panic attack if I misplace them. They saw alot of bug action in my younger days keeping my fingers from getting burned too!! A good pair of glasses would be next on my list. Riverman
  4. It is a one of a kind. A wood boat designer streched out a 6ft overlap kit design to 8ft and added some features stolen from a 10ft "Ray's River Dory." Had three kits cut, two are built and the other still in the box. Riverman
  5. Hey I couldnt agree nore! http://www.michigan-sportsman.com/photopos...ures0025_2_.jpg Stability, dry, room to move, and being able to anchor up anywhere in the river are reasons to spend the extra money! Riverman
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