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  1. I served in the US Army from 1978 to 1982. I was an Infantry Sergeant(E5 11B20). My son is currently a C3C at the United States Air Force Academy. I am very proud of him and many others his age who are willing to serve our country.
  2. Hi, I am new to the forum but not to fly fishing or fly tying. I own 2 Down's boxes( a 5 tray and 3 Tray) and 2 Richardson's (3 Tray Ultra-lite and a 4 Tray Deluxe). Both have advantages and disadvantages. The Down's are lighter in weight and have interchangeable trays. They are also less expensive. The Richardson's are just plain CLASSIC IMO. Very high quality but are expensive. I see nothing wrong with a 4 tray Down's. 5 trays in either chest box are just too much of a good thing IMO. The box tends to get in the way. I use the front tray in ALL my boxes as a work station and a place to keep indicator's, split shot,tippet rings, etc. Good luck in your search. I think you will enjoy either box. The only time you will catch me on a stream without one of my chest boxes is when I hike and fish the small mountain streams here. Then I wear a lanyard and use a small Fishpond waist pack with a couple of conventional fly boxes.
  3. Actually, we have two first days as they split the state into two areas. The SE part of the state opens on Sat April 1. The season opens here on Sat. April 15. Not a big deal to me as I fly fish year around. Thanks for the welcome. WTT
  4. Hi all, Just found the site. Looks very good. I have been fly fishing and fly tying for the last 13 years and have fished my entire life. Caught my first wild trout at age 6 on a lowly worm and cane pole. I have been hooked ever since so to speak. I really enjoy fly fishing our many wild mountain streams and some of the best limestoners to be found anywhere .I tie all my own flies. I really like fly fishing with ultralight equipment and small flies( ie. midges/tricos). Terrestrials however are my favorite to fish and tie. I look forward to reading and maybe adding my own comments/ experiences to the forum. Thanks. WTT
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