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  1. Lol... well said mike. Call it what you will. It is an effective way to catch fish and keep your fly in the water when you're headed to the next honey hole. I'm excited to find a new (new to me) use for my fly rod even if the purists may disagree. It is tough to catch fish from the top of an ivory tower if ya know what I mean
  2. I use an old telescoping car antenna... each section is exactly 6 inches long and it extends out to 36" so I have to "eyeball" the length if the fish falls between two sections. You could easily mount it to some kind of L bracket or an old right angle. Maybe a little less fancy than you were thinking but it fits in a pocket.
  3. Valid points Poopdeck The disclaimer in the OP was to just to avoid this becoming one of those "you can/can't do that" threads. I was really hoping to just get some people to share their experience with trolling a fly line - as I know there are others out there that do it - and not a lot of discussion on it. I like the popper idea too. My personal goal with fishing (and kayak fishing in particular) is to take exactly what I need on the water and not a single thing I don't. If I can leave my conventional gear at home and just take one rod/reel/line with a box of flies, first aid kit and a bottle of water, that is my ideal day... and nippers... and extra tippet... and a few beers... OK, admittedly there are a few "extras." Back to the point, I'm curious if anyone has tried this with a sinking line in a lake/deep river?
  4. Nice. I'll have to try a bugger next weekend. Thanks to everyone for the tips. May have to experiment with flies on jigs too...
  5. I use a cannon rod holder as my kayak came with mount points for it from the factory and it works great for a fly reel. http://store.cannondownriggers.com/products/759004/Rod_Holder As bimini15 pointed out, I also have a notched piece of 1.5" schedule 40 PVC mounted on my cooler that holds the rod when I am paddling distance or through surf. It is much more secure than any commercial rod holder I could find.
  6. I forgot my bait caster at home this morning... Before you judge me, I fly fish for largemouth in a local lake most often and use the bait caster with a jig or crankbait to troll while I get out to the good coves for throwing flies. Today, I figured I would tie a Clouser with large lead eyes and a size 4 hook and drag it with ~40 feet of my floating line in the water since I didn't have my "traditional" trolling set up. I caught more bass today than I think I ever have. As the fish move deeper in the summer, I plan on tying some heavier clousers/muddlers and maybe some split shot on the line (not sure if I want to troll a sinking line yet). I'm sure I'm not the first person to have done this but I don't often run into kayak fly fishers on a lake so I figured I would share my success for those of us that fish this way. It's not as much fun as finding that sweet spot, perfectly casting to it and feeling a bite, etc., etc.. But I did come home with enough filets to feed the entire fam for dinner. I'll be leaving the jigs at home from now on. Hope this is helpful for other kayak fly anglers and would welcome some tips from others who have been doing this forever and think I'm an idiot for just figuring it out!
  7. I'm interested as well. May 15th works for me.
  8. This is great and like whatfly said, there is apparently a whole bunch of fly fishing content on Amazon that I didn't know about. Thanks for the share Ralphs007!
  9. New to the forum and thought I would share the best (and most comprehensive) article I've ever seen on the topic of dubbing. Big props to the author: Dennis Shaw from thelimpcobra.com (don't worry, it's safe for work), for taking the time to write all of this down. Check it out here. If this is already listed, I apologize. I searched a bit but didn't see any mention of it.
  10. This is an awesome link. Thanks for the share!
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