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  1. Zip! Best of luck & please stay safe! and that goes for all your buddies! Looking forward for your safe return and more posts!! Good Luck And God Bless!! Derek
  2. Mike, A beautifully clean well tied fly. Well Done! Derek
  3. Good Evening Gentlemen! This fly is just an unnamed pattern done for practice! All comments welcome. Thanks Derek
  4. Many Thanks Guys!! Your comments are always much appreciated! Derek
  5. Aaron, That's exactly what I meant - thanks !! I thought that maybe a built up ramp of thread that was to the right of the throat would bring the tying in point of the main wing, level or maybe higher than the throat windings might produce a more level wing? Or maybe it's just down to my winging technique at the moment??? Derek
  6. I think? because I had a final turn of body hackle,two turns of claret & two turns of GF, I had a hump that when I tightened everything down it "cocked the underwing & the main wing up" Is it normal to build a ramp to the right of the throat to compensate for this?? Derek
  7. Good Evening Everyone! Here's a Black and Gold. I think I got the proportions wrong for the JC and Kingfisher,they look a bit out for the fly?? Anyway,looking forward to your comments and suggestions for improvent gentlemen!! Thanks Derek
  8. Good Afternoon Mr.Vestal! I got the dyes from http://www.tiaramaking.com/Dyes%2BFor%2BFe...splay_140_1.php Tiaramaking Charlie??? I hope this is'nt going to be the next stage!!! Derek
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