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  1. Thanks for helping me not feel like a noob! Fly fishing isn't popular where I live, so it can be hard to learn and get better. But then I found all y'all on this site- goldmine! Noted! Thanks so much! Maybe someone will post up a video, Mop flies have been featured previously. I would link a Youtube if I knew how. Don't sweat your topic forum, it takes a little practice to figure out the procedures and workings of this site... Carry On...
  2. So sorry. I am new to the forum. Where should I re-post? I'm assuming you don't have a favorite pattern then...
  3. What is the best greenie weenie pattern for trout? (Bead head vs dubbing; mop fibers vs chenille...) Thanks!
  4. I will be headed to the Smoky Mtns in May to do some fly fishing. Any advice for "honey hole" locations or what flies are essential? I want to avoid falling into the "you need every variation of these 10 flies" by the local fly shops 🙄 I've tied some elk hair caddis, yellow Sally stoneflies, red A ants (epoxy and non-epoxy), pheasant tail nymphs (no bead head), and squirmy wormies. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Hey y'all- I have a question about bobbins! I have a standard bobbin I'm currently using that came with an Orvis fly tying tool set. (Usually retails for about $10 or so.) Recently I have tried to use a thinner thread (uni thread 8/0W) to tie hackle in epoxy ants. The thinner thread keeps ripping (I think my bobbin has too much drag.) Does anyone have a bobbin they recommend to prevent the thin thread from tearing? Thank you!
  6. I am looking to get a new pair of nippers (the $7 pair I have now do not work well) and was wondering what brands or type was best? I am hoping to avoid paying more than $50. I would love something that will last a few years. Thanks
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