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  1. Lol Mikechell. I was at a tavern dropping those off for a friend and stayed for a few beers lol.
  2. [/url] My latest single day box has ants, spiders, wd40, wd50, mosquitos all in sizes 18 and 20 and Tarcher Stinger Stoneflies in size 10
  3. @ Mark Knapp There is severeral versions of the Orvis books and the newest brings the patterns up to date with newer materials and synthetics. All versions are great for references but dont limit to what materials is called for as there is many suitable materials that one might have on hand.
  4. I do sell some but to select people. 1 is for trophy swordfish competitions and other is for browns in Pennsylvania. The first is cakewalk second is when entomology comes in and knowledge of area. Current order on 2nd is for 5 flies @10 per and thats per person going on the trip. In short the hook supply is main issue materials go far and cost less in product. Just starting out I suggest giving a few out for review before so you get a great base and build a name for you. Me I did that now my flies are across the USA and many rest in shadow boxes. Never take shortcuts and always go for quality. It makes your name.
  5. Its been down. Apparently the bandwidth was reached. Been too busy with work and tying for trophy swordfish to do my preferred tiny flies.
  6. Cutting down a huge cherry tree tomorrow. My work shop has cabinet grade tools I own so I may season some cherry and build a few myself but I wont ever use them. I can also harvest some walnut and both are close to my shop which is bigger than Orvis stores by 2 times. I also make my own trim and mix stains to meet the request. In short easy peasey for me but curing my wood takes time. Thinking instead or square doing a round bend for backstop and tool rack instead of mitred corners using my steam jig
  7. Names good but way too bulky and wasted space. I do believe mine packs 2 times the materials and all tools less space and more convienient to take anywhere including remote long stay camping and fishing. Hard boxes are bulky and waste space. IMHO.
  8. More grass shrimps today. Cannot tie enough. Next batch is for Maine fishing.
  9. I like the guinea dyed blue. Looks better than the blue jay to me but I dont eat the fly so my taste might be off compared to fish lol. Great looking invicta
  10. I do log my flies that are successful for my area and take a picture of completed fly. I dont worry about proportions as most follow the rules well. The ones that dont follow rules I do make notes on proportions and how to tie them. For the most part the picture and material list with the proper name and all the sizes used is more than enough.
  11. A comparable sub that I have acquired in the states is fox. I have 3 types and colors. It is long and fine the same as temple furs. This can be bought on eBay or even from a taxidermist. In NJ there is plenty of red fox and as cunning as they are they still get hit quite often.
  12. This is very true. As of late in NJ it has been too windy or rainy. Lots of time to tie though.
  13. Now thats unique Kimo. Looks cool in its own way
  14. Welcome. There is an abundance of ppl here with more combined knowledge than a person can learn in a lifetime. I myself frequent the tying bench but do wander every now and then. Enjoy the site.
  15. Trying out a new img hosting site seeing how photobucket is going on adds in the middle of posted imgs. This is last nights grass shrimp.
  16. Read that one. The common material that replaces the temple fur is the Finn raccoon as it is harvested humanly unlike the China temple dog fur.
  17. The tube is used for oxygen for people. Its the tube that goes into the nose but its only about 1.5 ft per side and couples into a larger tube
  18. http://www.jsflyfishing.com/blog/adaptation-can-be-fun-and-rewarding-the-montana-temple-dog/ There is a very good response here. The Finn raccoon as mentioned above is an adaptation of temple fur as many will not use it if its from China due to their harvesting methods.
  19. I doubt you will find any US supply of this material and I will never use it for this reason alone. Temple hair supply ex., writes (translated): "The material comes from China, from a long haired Chinese dog that is being skinned alive to make the hairs stand out. We don't use or sell such products".
  20. Welcome back and as you I dont want another job lol
  21. Welcome And there is no right no wrong asan angler its presentation that matters This said ask more how you angle with specific patterns and be surprised with answers. We all can learn a trick or two and Im not above learning. Welcome once agin
  22. Looks funky on the pheasant but works.
  23. @ Kimo Here is my grass shrimp version Ive settled on Calf body hair for tail and small whiskers. Long feelers is 06 mono tying thread the tube u use is filled non lead wire heavy doubles over hook is 3XL bent mid way from bend to eye at 15 degrees size 14 wet. Expected you will make mine look Amerish lol. No UV glue all softex but great profile Hope I gave you an idea or 2.
  24. Hear ya. Perfecting a grass shrimp atm. Without legs its better than Ive seen in most patterns yet easier. Kimo started this and I started because of his inspirations.
  25. Yep small world. Capt bob. I have family in Fl as well as up North. I wouldnt mind but know family would want me with them. Last time there I didnt have a chance to do anything without them in the plans. Im only Tyer in the family so they wouldnt understand the addiction lol
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