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  1. Can anyone help me locate a video from a few years ago which was presented by a gentleman possibly from Britain or Europe? The main thrust of the video was to use a cdc dubbing brush for the body, and then use cdc for the wing notching a vee and tying in only fibers, but no vein, and repeating this for the full wing. The tyer is not one of the better known current vid tyers and was an older gentleman, as I recall. The pattern looks extremely buggy and I particularly like the wing technique, but cannot recall where I found that video. Any help locating this specific video would be greatly appreciated! DB
  2. Thanks for the above - none of the patterns are the particular one I am looking for. If I find it, I will be sure to list it, as it looks exceptionally buggy to me and the wing technique is very nifty. Agree that Davie McPhail has probably the best series of tying videos in existence. Also "Tying with Hans" out of Rapid City, SD are quite good, among multiple others. Charlie Craven of Charlie's Fly Box is great, as are his books! my biggest difficulty with Davie is my poor deaf ears trying to decipher his brogue! Hi Karl! Did you fish the Mothers Day caddis hatch? DB
  3. Rock Creek can be pretty open people wise early in the season (especially during the week) and camping should be cheap (or possibly free). gets busy for the Skwala hatch. Agree the various branches of the Flathead near Glacier might be good opportunities for camping, hiking in, and could have good fishing, altho don't know what to expect re runoff, etc. SW Montana will probably have big runoff approaching June and YNP might be better water, but more folks. Lately, the Mothers Day caddis has been pretty strong on the Lower Madison, but water colored and fish not overly cooperative, altho camping can be cheap, but lots of people. Good luck. You should see some great country and probably meet some nice folks! P.S. - That "Bait Fisherman" thing is totally bogus, and I have no idea how to remove it. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Don here. Live near Bozeman, MT. Stumbled onto this site years ago and promptly forgot about it before registering. Typical! I've never sat down with a tyer without learning something new and worth knowing. That reminds me that the FFF (then IFFF) (now FFI for Fly Fishers International) has their big annual Fly Fishing Fair in Livingston, MT this Aug 1-5. Their daily gathering of demo tyers is the best! What a great way to spend a day and meet new folks and learn new wrinkles tying. Not such a baad thing that Livingston is a short drive from Yellowstone National Park, either. Does anybody happen to know about a site I'm having trouble locating? It is a tying video by a gentleman who might be from Britain (but could be European - that memory thing again) and ties an all cdc caddis. He uses a cdc furled dubbing rope for the body and a nifty method for the wing that only uses cdc fibers, no central vein. I don't think it is Oliver Edwards, at least I couldn't find it Googling him. I got my hands on some white cdc and want to tie up some Spruce Moths for our area using that technique. Any help finding that video would be enormously appreciated. Am looking forward to learning my socks off on this website! DB p.s. - not sure what that "Bait Fisherman" thing above the silhouette is. Can't figure out how to get rid of it. Any help?
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