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  1. Hopefully you'll get your dad back home fast.
  2. Me too. I'm more than happy with my Pro. That vise does it all for me. I mean if it's good enough for Charlie Craven it's good enough for me.
  3. Your final thought. I was thinking that same thing.
  4. First time I've ever heard of a Dyna King not holding hooks. My Pro holds em great. All the way down to 30s Haven't found any 32s yet.
  5. Enjoy the camaraderie as well as the old and hopefully new faces. Well half faces anyhow.
  6. Whatever you want. BTW, are you included for getting some of the swap flies? If not I'll tie some extras for you.
  7. Yep, just like chug said check out the classicflyrodforum.com
  8. You're welcome. I knew it was bamboo. Did you make it?
  9. I little golden stone I whipped up to match some naturals I saw on the water. Hook: U203R size 20 Thread: Uni 8/0 orange Thorax/abdomen: Hare-tron yellow Body/throat hackle: Whiting lt. barred ginger Wing: mottled yellow web wing As usual, excellent work on these pages all.
  10. Wow, double wow for making the hook and lacquering it
  11. Character is good. My ex, took the drivers side mirror right off pulling out of the garage years ago. Mixed up the JB, clamped the mirror back on let it cure overnight, never needed to fix it again. It's a staple in my shop too. I used some waterproof silicone caulking to fix and old pair of wading boots, should have used the JB.
  12. JB Weld rocks. Nice job on the boots!
  13. Size 20 Quigley film critic. Thread: 16/0 Veevus A05 Shuck: brown Z-Lon Tail: wood duck flank fibers Abdomen:BWO peacock quill stripped Rib: x-small oval tinsel gold. Wing Post: Dun Z-lon. Colored with a black sharpie Hackle: Whiting grizzly variant Thorax: BWO superfine
  14. Going out tomorrow. Antonio's Emerger BWO 20s Quigley cripple PMD 18s
  15. You're more than welcome. Good luck. If you change your mind hit me up.
  16. @niveker Tell me what colors you want and I'll pick 'em up for you. https://www.anglersall.com/Wapsi-Awesome-Possum-Dubbing
  17. Darn, cause I was looking for an extra fancy "Belted Blue Curmudgeon" tail feather. Very generous offer Mark.
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