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  1. Been tying, just not posting so here goes. After a great night on the local tailwater fishing size 22 psuedocloeons and getting broken off on 6.5x too many times. Not at the knot but tippet breaks I had to restock the box. So.... Size 22 last chance cripples: Hook:Size 22 Tiemco 100 Thread:Lt olive Veevus 16/0 Shuck: brown Z-lon Abdomen: tying thread Wing: lt. dun CDC Hackle: Whiting natural grizzly variant and size 22 hi viz parachute baetis: Hook: 22 Tiemco 100 Thread: lt. olive Veevus 16/0 Post: cerise McFlylon Tail: med. Pardo CDL Abdomen: tying thread Thorax: lt grey dun natural beaver Hackle: Whiting natural grizzly variant Some great ties this month as usual. Very nice work everyone.
  2. I've fouindthat when you place the hook in one of those cut-outs you don't really need much "tension" on the jaws to hold the hook solidly.
  3. I can't remember what I had for dinner last night much less kindergarten.😉
  4. @atxdiscgolfer, PM me your addy please. Sulphurs(PMDS) are done. Size 16 Quigley cripples. BWOs almost done. A BWO variation on Antonio's quill midge emerger. Pics to follow later.
  5. Good to see you gents! Nick: Alan is building me a rod BTW
  6. Cool. I'm in. I'll let you know what I'm tying as soon as I figure it out.
  7. PMDs instead of Sulphurs? If yes I'm in
  8. Make that 4. Nice job all around @niveker.
  9. @Moshup, Me, I'd like to be about 97 or 98 and shot by a jealous husband. Nice tie too. Everyone else excellent work as always!
  10. Anyone who says, "youse guys" is AOK in my book
  11. @Moshup thank you. I certainly hope he would have. An interesting but too short life. What a terrible way he died.
  12. What I'm thinking is an Atherton style dry. Based on his #1-#7. All natural materials, blended natural fur dubbing, Catskill style wings and extra small gold oval tinsel. I used CDL for the tails cause I didn't like the spade hackle I picked from the necks. Oh yeah, size 16, dark barred ginger hackle. Dubbing: mixed natural mink/X-tremely fine natural PMD and dun beaver.
  13. Welcome. Great work you're showing. Keep 'em coming!
  14. Depends on the size your tying. You can use 6 strands, twist each pair then wrap 'em.
  15. @niveker thank you sir @utyerPMDs were one of the flies that did great. Spinners in the early morning, then duns later. Last Chance cripple Flavs were very productive but the clear overall winner was a size 16 rusty spinner. That was on Henry's fork. And thank you.
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