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  1. After a week in Idaho and YNP is back to the vise. Last night's Bugs and Bourbon. PMD hacklestackers Hook: Fulling Mill 5050 size 18 Tail: Med. Pardo CDL Abdomen: PMD goose biot Thorax: Trouthunter pro PMD dubbing Hackle: Whiting med dun bronze saddle There's been some great ties so far this month. Very inspiring. Keep up the great work everyone!
  2. I'm heading up there this Saturday for a week, I'll let you know.
  3. Exactly what flytire and chug said
  4. Now your hats will fit nice and snugly
  5. Jon, Welcome. I have to agree George is a wonderful human being. (Not saying the rest of you all here aren't) He's helped me quite a bit and also turned me on the Mr. McClain who is also a great guy. I'm really digging what you're tying. Sandan
  6. Thanks, but... It's PMD superfine dubbed thin on that hot orange thread.
  7. No,no,no,no. He who lives with the most toys wins!
  8. Couple from yesterday. Orange. Size 16 hot spot para Wulff PMD and a size 16 hot spot PT PMD Hook: TMC 002 size 16 Thread: fire orange 8/0 Wing: white calf body Tail: med. Pardo CDL Abdomen/thorax: PMD superfine Hackle: Whiting light barred ginger PT Hook: Size 16 Fulling Mill 5045 Bead: 2.4mm matte black slotted tungsten Thread: fire orange 8/0 Rib: small copper wire counterwrapped Tail/abdomen: 5 Pheasant tail fibers Hot Spot: FTD arctic snow hot orange Collar: spiky squirrel in a loop Everyone is showing some fantastic work, very inspiring.
  9. Wow. George, that's a beautiful fly
  10. Stimis, madamx's too, you're probably seeing yellow sallies. The salmon flies come off in June. an Elk hair caddis is good and I think a missing link is killer on the Arky.
  11. @TSMcDougald @niveker Thanks guys. I like the butt ends exposed too. Everyone else, great work!!!
  12. Caddis, PMDs, hoppers on the Arky. Stonefly nymphs, black, brown and yellow (iron sallies). Lake IU can't help you unless you're talking Crystal lake. If that's it a chironomid retrieved slowly. @chugbug27 +100 for Kimo
  13. Size 16 PMD sparkle duns. Thread: bennichi yellow Shuck: brown zlon Abdomen/thorax: 50/50 Hendrickson pink/PMD superfine Wing: dun comparadun deer hair
  14. Thanks. It sure looked like had one. Cutts and rainbows can naturally reproduce.
  15. Mike Lawson : https://www.henrysforkanglers.com/fishing-info/blog/the-nohackle-a-bit-of-history
  16. And that's why we fish the Juan. That cuttbow is a beast. Ee call the Muñoz area baetis bend. I got this one there.
  17. Oh yeah, that'll pull the runners right up
  18. You're an artist Mark.
  19. Let's see the results when you tie 'em!
  20. Agree with both TSMcDougald and chugbug27. For a midge type you won't go wrong w/ a rainbow warrior
  21. When the fish are on them its so cool.
  22. It's a cool shop. The tying stuff is upstairs. The bar and restaurant is worth it too
  23. You use the feather not a puff for this one. Puffs make good wing cases though. July 10-17, Island Park. We'll def fish the fork. Also up in the park the madison, firehole if it isn't too hot, Slough Creek, Soda Butte creek and probably the Gallatin.
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