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  1. It's a cool shop. The tying stuff is upstairs. The bar and restaurant is worth it too
  2. You use the feather not a puff for this one. Puffs make good wing cases though. July 10-17, Island Park. We'll def fish the fork. Also up in the park the madison, firehole if it isn't too hot, Slough Creek, Soda Butte creek and probably the Gallatin.
  3. @niveker, @Baron Thanks guys. Niveker cool looking 'chucks!
  4. Last night's Bugs & Bourbon Puff diddies. Tied Flav. Hook:Size 14 and 16. Standard dry fly Thread:8/0 olive dun uni Abdomen:Brown or BWO turkey biot Thorax:Trout hunter BWO pro dubbing Collar:Dark grey dun CDC feather.
  5. Caddis larva and pupa are always good for when the caddis are about. Caddistrophic pupa is one of my favorites and this Graphic Caddis too. Larva. Caddis dry w/ a pupa or lava dropper can be killer. Here's a green drake pattern, easy to tie, Jacklin uses too much glue to suit me, but it's a good fly anyhow. I tied up a couple of dozen a while back for my ID, MT trip
  6. CDC and elk is a great pattern. a corn fed caddis is pretty slick also. https://www.flyfishfood.com/blogs/dry-fly-tutorials/corn-fed-caddis
  7. Love the Juan. Don't feel bad about the net. Last time I went my buddy forgot his vest. Will I ever let him live that down? I doubt it
  8. The Flavs are a pretty localized hatch. Tie em or buy em. If they're coming off you'll want some
  9. Saweeeet. And I got your email. All noted, thank you
  10. @Moshup thank you my friend
  11. Ants 16 and 18 for Henry's. Tie up some Flavs. Late June through July it's a great hatch. Google Henry's fork anglers. There's more information there than you'll know what to do with. Go to the video gallery. Check out the honey ant video.
  12. Last nights Bugs and Bourbon Two types of PMD spinners. 6 of each. Size 18. Recipe upon request. @[email protected] those are for Henry's Fork. July 10-17. Tied some Catskill style pink Albert's the other day. Also for Henry's and Slough and Soda Butte Creeks. Size 16. Whipped up some size 20 parachute Adam's variations on Tuesday. The cripple, well I tied some of them too. Size 14. Maybe they'll work for Flavs. As always fantastic and inspiring work.
  13. So rocking stuff so far.
  14. Some size 12 and a 14 of Bob Jacklin's green drakes from last night's Bugs and Bourbon. Hook: tmc 5262 Thread: Danville waxed 140 den. Olive Rib: Danville waxed 70 den. Yellow. Doubled and twisted. Tail: nature's spirit all purpose deer hair Wing: Medium dun comparadun deer hair Abdomen/thorax: olive awesome possum or rabbit or antron (couple of each) Hackle: Whiting grizzly variant, cut flush on the bottom
  15. George, After all the advice and knowledge you gave me I sure would like to be able to return some. I don't know if I can, bit I'll try. Some times when I have tiers block I'll pick up a book of patterns and rather than select anything specific I sort of let my mind wander, picking one from column A, one from column B and so on. That sort of gets the gears turning. I might not end up with anything specific, but rather a "frankenfly" kind of thing, I particularly try to look for not just different combination ideas but technique that I'd like to learn or improve on.
  16. Last week's Bugs and Bourbon. Charlie boy hoppers size 10. Hook, 2mm foam, rubber legs and deer hair.
  17. Not just that but the naked neck is excellent too
  18. @MoshupThank you my friend. and @feathers5 Thank you sir
  19. Last night's Bugs and Bourbon. Half dozen of one almost six of others. Recipes? We don't need no stinkin' recipes. Caddis, pink Albert's and an extended body blue wing.
  20. My condolences Mark on your loss
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