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  1. Some great work so far this month everyone. Very inspiring. Bugs and Bourbon last night. Parachute Pink Alberts Hook: 16s. Some U002s and some Fulling Mill 5950s Thread: Semperfli classic waxed 12/0 shell pink Post: lt. dun McFlylon Tail: Med. CDL Rib: xs UTC gold wire Abdomen/thorax: Harrop's pro pink Albert dubbing Hackle: Whiting med. dun bronze saddle. BTW I had about 3" of hackle feather left after tying the dozen.
  2. @niveker, Thanks, the bourbon was good, but for tying less is better than more. Flav is short for druenella flavilinea, it's more like a small western green drake in fact sometimes it's called Small Western Drake. They are mostly 14/16s. I don't see any reason to not use that pattern as a template for BWOs. In Rene Harrop's book "Learning from the Water" has quite a few recurring patterns with different materials to match different bugs. Fumbling with Flavs
  3. Great work everyone, very inspirational Last night's Bugs and Bourbon Rene Harrop's captive dun. Flav style Hook: U002 size 14 Thread: Uni 8/0 olive Tail: wood duck flank fibers Shuck: Harrop's brown CEN dubbing Abdomen: brown turkey biot Wing: Dark dun CDC. Two feathers paired Thorax: Harrop's pro BWO dubbing Legs: olive CDC fibers.
  4. Thanks Mike. @[email protected], thank you. My pleasure sharing here
  5. Last night's Bugs and Bourbon. Rene Harrop's standard CDC biot dun. Flav style Hook: U002 size 16 Thread: Uni 8/0 olive Wing: Dark gray dun CDC paired Tail: CDL med pardo Abdomen: BWO goose biot Thorax: Harrop's Pro BWO dubbing Hackle: Whiting grizzly dyed med. dun saddle.
  6. I started here: R.A.T. flies and kept on going. Don't be afraid to use substitute materials
  7. I tie them mostly to improve my tying skills, try new techniques and for practice. I think would fish them if I had an opportunity to go after Atlantic Salmon, maybe.
  8. @niveker, thanks. We had a blast. Friday afternoon/evening is was cloudy and a tiny breeze, the BWO hatch was amazing, you could hardly tell your fly from the naturals on the water. The fish were holding and eating. Saturday and Sunday, not a single cloud in the sky and warm. So while the weather was great there wasn't a bug on the water. Nymphing was the only game in town. Sight nymphing in some spots which is fun. Blind casting nymphs, not a great deal of fun but the fish were there. I'll say this there are an amazing amount of big fish in that quality water section below the dam. It's our traditional start of the season trip even though we can and do fish year 'round here.
  9. @partsman, thank you. Yep it's a bamboo rod. A Dickerson 8014 built by John Clancy.
  10. Friday-Sunday March 26-28,2021. A quick weekend trip to the San Juan quality waters below Navajo Dam. The fish in the picture is not the fish in the video San Juan rainbow
  11. @DFoster The first story is good, the second one has me really chuckling.
  12. @Moshup, thank you @Noahguide, thank you sir
  13. @mikechell A fishing buddy of mine is an actual MENSA guy. He can be as dumb a s nine chickens sometimes. And thanks
  14. Some great work this month. Here's my attempt at "dumbing down" the thread.
  15. Of course comments and criticism are welcome. I'm still having trouble with the wings staying married. I know that the tail could be better and the head smaller. I'm working on it. I didn't tie that with the midge jaws
  16. @Moshup, I got mine at a drive thru. Not quite as scenic as yours. Bass Rock Road you say? I'll ask is it a fitting name?
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