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  1. Helicopter for me too. Two tight wraps over the wire one tight one in front. Counter wrapped wire is to me a different beast. For that I'll use 4 or 5 tight X wraps holding the wire tightly. Then helicopter. For me counter wrapped wire "moves" under the thread unless I anchor it good with the X wraps. Rick I like 5-3.
  2. @Moshup, Thank you. Tragic what happened just terrible
  3. Sounds about right. I call it Bugs and Bourbon.😎
  4. Maybe Akvavit instead of UV glue?
  5. @DFoster, Thank you. The 20/20 club, I like it. Nice caddis too. There's something about biots that just screams buggy goodness.
  6. @Moshup, thank you. Of course you know a sparkly vise is a happy vice. As to the 20 thing, Last time on the San Juan I pulled this guy out. If I remember correctly it was on either a size 22 or 24, no bigger than 22 midge of some sort. The story is I had her on and some guide stopped his boat to show his clients how a real fisherman went about it. After the fish jumped out of my hands he scooped it up for me. It taped out at 25"+
  7. On our Colorado tailwaters I often fish wingless dry flies. The collar hackle does the trick.
  8. Gonna hit the San Juan in New Mexico this weekend coming up. Small rules there. In order 1: Taverner's Big Mac. Size 24 TMC 200R 2: Bling midge size 24 TMC100 3:Mercury flashback black beauty. Size 24 TMC 2487 4:Massacre midge size 24. Tied some 26s too. TMC 2487 5: BWO CDC comparadun. Size 20. TMC 100 6: variation of the big Mac with a tinsel underbody for some flash. Size 22 - TMC 200R
  9. @jamieofthenorth, thank you sir. I can only hope that your B&B is a fun as mine are
  10. @upnorthtier "wow nice flies. I guess bourbon enhances the vision" Thanks. Depending on how much bourbon you get to tie or at least see two flies for every one.
  11. Some fantastic tying this month so far. Here's the results of last night's Bugs and Bourbon. 6 medallion midges Hook: TMC100 size 24 Thread: Semperfli 18/0 dark mocha brown Rib: Uni 6/0 white Wingcase: med dun medallion sheeting Thorax: rusty brown superfine 6 San Juan emergers Hook: TMC 100 size 24 Thread: Veevus 16/0 black Rib: UTC copper wire small Body: Pheasant tail fibers(2) Wing: white McFlylon
  12. Just what chug said, not really an Adams any more but really nice
  13. @Noahguide, glad to have found that for you. The toad you tied looks great, btw.
  14. Here's a video it's long but seems to cover how to tie that particular fly. The actual tying starts at about 16:00 minutes in. https://www.flyfishfood.com/blogs/streamer-tutorials/sculpin-toad-olive
  15. I'm a rebel at heart. The brown/grizzly is the classic though and if were tying for anyone but myself or my son, that's how I'd tie 'em.
  16. George, Is this rude and insulting, "Shoebop..isnt worth replying about.."? He(Shoebop) actually gets it right in this 5th sentence, IMHO. How about this, "Thanks for saving me the headache of utilizing the forums resources to learn how to improve. We should burn all the books that don’t comply, maybe impose fines. You win.." So here's the deal, I was more than willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and even gave you some what I thought was good advice to help with your rushing the head issue, which you said you'd take. Cool. It does seem that any other advice has gotten your hackles up (pun intended). flytire, SilverCreek, Mikemac1 those guys probably have more than 100 years of experience between them and upnorthtier too. These guys are giving you excellent advice which you are not listening to. "I stay away from videos where the pattern doesn't match what I am working on or the person does there own unique take on a fly." Yet you are giving your own unique take on a fly which can be considered a classic without mentioning that you are giving your own unique take. "I know and actually respect your opinion. Critique the bug and I promise you if it is true.." Do you think any one is giving you a false critique? What I think is the crux of the issue is this. At the end of your video you said, and I'm quoting from memory here as your video is not on this thread anymore, "Don't take your tying seriously, the fish sure don't". Now I know your video is gone so you can say that my quote is inaccurate, Well as far as I can tell the folks on this board do take their fly tying seriously. They(we) might joke and quip but I'm pretty sure we all take our tying seriously. Where I fish the fist take the flies very seriously too, they are hyper-selective most of the time and a bad tie will not produce. Oh, yeah, keep on tying George, don't let any of this criticism stop you, it's all given with your best interests as an improving tier in mind.
  17. I like the dark barred ginger in the middle, cause I just like that color hackle. Cree on the left, Brown/grizzly on the right. How'd I do?😊 All three are really nice ties.
  18. George, If I may. 1: I watched part of your video and what I saw was just what I expected. You start out at the 30% point, then you overwrap "right up to the eye". Here's a tip that just might help you. Start where you want, but don't bring your thread all the way to the eye. Traditionally a hook eye, or maybe two depending, of bare shank is left for the head. That way you have a visual reference point to not cross, call it the "no tie zone". If you if you stay out of the zone you won't be as susceptible to rushing the head. some times watching a video can help, particularly when it comes to technique. https://howtoflyfish.orvis.com/fly-tying-videos/techniques/986-how_to_make_a_neat_head_on_a_fly 2: We're all different but if when I was starting out a truly generous offer of the correct materials for a pattern was made available to me I'd jump at the opportunity. Macaw, macaw. and 3: It's Lee Wulff, not Leo. "Lee Wulff (February 10, 1905 – April 28, 1991), born Henry Leon Wulff" which might help with the "Flatbush" and Uncle Leo references.
  19. @Moshup Well you know, I'm fastidious. That and I wipe it down every so often. Thanks I really like that quill you tied too. Nothing better than an excellently tied Catskill.
  20. Everyone is playing their A game so far this month. Here's a few, recipes upon request.
  21. Dyna-King owner here. No cons at all only pros.Dyna-King vises are the real deal.
  22. Oh yeah, gonna be a great adventure!
  23. @Moshup true dat. @SilverCreek great info presented.
  24. Another dozen, turkey tail nymphs from last night's Bugs and Bourbon. Hook: 200R size 16 Rib: small gold UTC wire Everything else: wild turkey tail fibers
  25. Thanks buddy. I like "the absence of pain means you're dead." Glad the shoulder is healing up.
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