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  1. To add, natural furs aren't just one consistent color the way synthetics are. There was a tier back in the day, John Atherton, who was also an artist (painter) he used natural dubbing and hackled his flies for just that reason. Insects being natural aren't just one color. A "gray" mayfly is actually a multitude of shades that give an overall impression of "gray". Makes total sense to me. "John Atherton (1900 – 1952) was an artist by trade and incorporated his impressionistic art into the flies he tied. " Not to hijack the thread but here's a bit about John Atherton (click on the grey box to see the flies if they don't show) Atherton #1
  2. Agree with all that's been said.
  3. Nice tie, McFly. The LCC is def one of my go to flies for when duns are on the water. I use wood duck for the tail and antron yarn for the shuck.
  4. Hey Shinchan, welcome. Let's see some of your ties. You might find something close to what you're looking for here Fly Tyers Dungeon
  5. @niveker Chug has it right. Nice work
  6. Welcome. You'll get what you came for here. Of course if you can be a bit more specific that would sure help. Post some of your ties let's see the goods. We're a friendly bunch.
  7. Welcome. Ask away and you'll get great answers. Don't forget to post pictures of what you tie.
  8. Thanks all. This site has given so much to me I had to give back to it.
  9. Ditto what Mark said. Kim without you we'd be lost
  10. Got mine on Saturday. Nice job y'all
  11. Like SilverCreek said for a post or shuck. I "destrand" it and use it for Dorsey style indicators for nymphing
  12. Sandan

    Fish Pictures

    Very nice. I'm thinking the same thing
  13. Sandan

    Fish Pictures

    I'll play. 24" cuttbow. Caught on the Dream Stream section of the South Platte in CO on Sept 16. Got it on a size 16 yellow stimi. 8' 4wt penta a Sweetgrass Mantra.
  14. Excellent. I love fishing with my son too.
  15. Steve, Your work here is much appreciated. Thank you for time and effort spent. Welcome Norm as the newest mod. You have some large shoes to fill.
  16. @chugbug27 I was gonna say anglers all. Of course they're about a 10 minute drive from home so I never get hit for shipping. Avid max is free on $25+
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