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  1. As a Texan that just went through Harvey, I feel your pain Florida. Best of luck to you all. Stay strong and safe, you'll get through it.
  2. @Saltybum haha I was wondering the same thing. Usually they're missing just one of their front teeth, not both!
  3. Hey saltwater brethren! Got a good weekend to field test these prototype gurglers I've been working on. The redfish were smashing it and also landed a 26" speckled trout on it. The fly was working great and held up good all day.
  4. Got a good weekend to field test these prototype gurglers I've been working on. The redfish were smashing it and also landed a 26" speckled trout on it. The fly was working great and held up good all day.
  5. I have to agree with supporting the local fly shop. That's always my first choice. But as we all know, no one store has everything you need...and that includes the online stores. You're forced to go online and shop around to search for the materials you need. I've tried a bunch of online stores and I'm still trying to find that one store that has everything you need in stock, has free shipping, and great customer service. Here's my experience with a few: J Stockard - Seems to have the most in stock and a big selection. I like how their website is setup and is easy to navigate. They offer incentives to frequent buyers and also to give product reviews. I love how almost every product has good quality reviews. The free shipping threshold is at $100. However, the orders seem to be processed and shipped out slowly. From placing the order to arriving at my house usually takes about 2 weeks. I've had one of my shipments delivered to the wrong address and in return I received someone else's shipment. I contacted them and they sent me a prepaid shipping label to return the wrong order and then they resent my order....except for the items out of stock that had to be backordered. Then I never received my backordered items, probably because of all the confusion of the returns and stuff. They need to overhaul their ordering system and get more organized. AvidMax - Good selection of stuff, free shipping at $25, but I hate how their website is setup. It's very difficult to filter by categories and find the stuff you're looking for. I usually get frustrated after digging around for a few minutes and then leave to try another online store. The orders I have ended up placing usually arrive pretty fast though. Bob Marriott's - This is probably my favorite store. They started out as a small family-owned fly shop in California and still operate that way even though they've expanded. They have a great selection of stuff and usually have everything I'm looking for. The website could be a little easier to navigate, but it's not too bad. The free shipping is at a $100, which I wish was lower. The customer service is great and my orders get shipped out and arrive fast. When items need to be backordered (which is almost always the case), they will give you a call and let you know. So far, they have a good track record of keeping up with the backordered items and have a good system in place to handle it all. Caddis Fly Shop - Another small fly shop going big, this one is in Oregon. This is usually where I end up when I just need a few things because the shipping is free at $25. They don't have the biggest selection but most stuff seems to be in stock all the time. Everything I've ordered is shipped out fast. Fly Tyer's Dungeon - Can't say enough good things about this place. The guy is like a mad scientist creating his own line of quality fly tying materials out of his house. When you need EP Fibers go here and order the Congo Hair for a fraction of the price, it's very close to the same material. They also have a great selection of flash and dubbing too. The price of everything is super cheap, so cheap that you can afford to get every color he offers. The shipping cost is fair and is shipped out very fast. I've had orders delivered to my house in 3 days. RD Fly Fishing - This is a sister company of Renzetti. They have a bunch of hard-to-find fibers, brushes, and flash. Selection is limited to a few types of items, but you can't find this stuff at most fly shops. Only drawback is they don't offer any free shipping. If anyone has any recommendations or has found a good store with excellent customer service, I'd love to give them a try.
  6. After spending lots of money on EP (more than I care to know), I found out about FTD and haven't looked back. It's crazy how much cheaper FTD is and the products are almost identical. Congo Hair - Nearly identical to EP Fibers. Congo may be just a little bit thinner, but just by a fraction. There's just no reason to justify spending $8 on EP when Congo is $1.75. The Congo Hair Box is $48 and comes with over 40 colors, you just can't beat that. Congo Hair Blends - are similar to the EP 3D Fibers, where they combine a couple colors to get you a 3D effect. H2O Twist - Identical to Krystal Flash in pearl color. It's about twice as long in length, you get a lot more in the bag, and it's a fraction of the cost. I just wish FTD had more colors available, but pearl is all they offer at the moment. H2O Flash - Nearly identical to Flashabou. Lot's of good colors to choose from and good price. Nothing but great things to say about FTD. My last order was shipped the same day I ordered and arrived about 4 days later.
  7. Hooked up with some baby Tarpon last weekend. They are a blast! Caught two on this purple streamer I tied up.
  8. I tie up some Redfish poppers using 6mm foam sold as "Door Hangers" I found at the local craft store (Hobby Lobby and Michael's). They sell them in packs of 10 for like $5 and have different colors. There's also foam sheets for sale there too that are about 2mm thick. I will use one (or two colors of these glued together) to make shrimp gurglers. You can get a large variety pack of colors for cheap. Probably more foam that you will ever end up using.
  9. If you're tying up a Kwan or crab fly and are using sections of EP fibers to build the body, I like to use a small hair clip or alligator clip to hold back each section as I tie in the next section. The clip holds the material back and out of the way and allows the next section of EP to tied in much easier. Also, instead of spending $8.00 on EP fibers, use Congo Hair instead. It's like $2 and is almost identical.
  10. Hey guys, first time poster here. I tied some of these Tarpon Streamers up for this weekend. Went chasing some baby Tarpon and ended up hooking up with two using the purple one! http://i.imgur.com/sAXcg8r.jpg http://i.imgur.com/dznYkLJ.jpg
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