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  1. Yes, exactly. I added a cheap articulated LED lamp to my desk and it worked wonders for me. HUGE upgrade.
  2. Hmmmm....don't know how to add text to my post but I'll do my best. Most of the flies are Chironomid patterns, or midges, if you will. Both larvae and pupae. The ones are the wine cork are called Perdigon flies, used for Euro Nymphing. They sink very fast, used for pocket water. A few baitfish patterns, most for the salt. Sardine, anchovy, and a few randoms. The orange one is a Senorita fish (local baitfish) and the bottom fly is a Threadfin Shad. The crab pattern is a Pelagic Red Crab, also a local bait.
  3. Thanks everyone! I have a very understanding wife, I get to tie for an hour or two just about every night. That definitely helps! Believe me, I've had my share of stinkers!
  4. Oops, I resized the pics from an iPhone. What's the best resolution to post pics at? Actually, what pixel x pixel count works best?
  5. Hi Guys, Brand new to the forum and been tying for a few months. I'm YouTube taught, but recently joined a club. Haven't been able to tie with them yet but figured I'd share my progression from this past March. Below is a progression from where I started, to my latest tie. Enjoy and happy to hear your critique! Best, E
  6. Hi all, Just a quick intro: My name is Eric Blackshear from SoCal, in an area I think is paradise. I'm smack dab in between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, about an hour each way. 5 hrs from the famed Eastern Sierras and 15 min from the Pacific Ocean, specifically near the Channel Islands where they are 11 miles off the coast. I'm a lifelong fishaholic and have been fishing for 36 of my 38 years, or so I'm told. I started on local streams with my father and then graduated to lakes in high school when I was able to save up from summer work and purchase a small aluminum boat. I fished Lake Casitas when it was a world class largemouth bass factory every chance I had as it's only a half an hour from town. Once we had the quagga mussel invasion and boat quarantines became the norm, I started focusing on the salt. All of my fishing has been conventional up to this point, I have many accomplishments under my belt, a billfish grand slam, 17 Roosterfish over 50lbs, tuna up to 150lbs. I have my own 24' Ranger bay boat that I fish locally and am taking it for a week to one of the great stillwater lakes, Crowley Lake, for a week of fishing and exploring with my wife and special needs 11 year old son. Fishing is my only hobby and truly a passion for me, if I'm not fishing, I'm reading and learning about fishing. This past September, my brother took me up to the Sierras to fish a little and explore. Since then, I have become completely and utterly obsessed with fly fishing. I'm 5 rods deep, and started tying flies back in March. I've since fished the Sierras several times since, close to once a month, and have fish up to 25" on the fly so far. I'm so, so excited to be part of the fly fishing community because I can truly see the passion everyone has for this sport. I hope to be a contributing member of this community and hope to share some adventures along the way. Best, Eric
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