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  1. I was thinking that these might last because they are meant for boat use. Ill have to see.
  2. Im sure many people already know about this, but I just found some Marine Bungee at Lowes for 38c/foot that has hundreds of white rubber legs in it.
  3. Im not sure if you posted somewhere else, but I can find no picture in your post:)
  4. Someone with a 3d printer might be able to make you some. The design looks simple enough.
  5. Fishing for an hour before realizing the hook point has broken off.
  6. If youre up for a little DIY you can make your own. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A0_AiIH-JfA
  7. Dont forget the humble parachute Adams
  8. fshng2, What wire do you use to make those shanks? I've been thinking about trying to make my own.
  9. Thanks all. I went with regular thread for the time being. I didn't like how the GSP I tried frayed and slipped.
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