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  1. For you ice fisherman https://www.gocomics.com/shoe/2021/02/14
  2. Here's two that came to mind From Flytire in 2018- i wonder how many flies will come from this bird -”Doctors in Kentucky have issued a warning that people should not eat squirrel brains, a regional delicacy, because squirrels may carry a variant of mad cow disease that can be transmitted to humans and is fatal. And one of your own- Can someone just tell me what decent inexpensive intermediate lines you use for lakes and inshore? -It is more Aristotelian. I'll leave to you to figure out why --Actually, it IS a Schrödinger thing ... as in Schrödinger's cat
  3. I say tie it up with what you have. While floss is relatively inexpensive ($.59 at the local Wal-Mart) a smooth underbody is what you are going for, I wouldn't not tie a pattern just because you don't have the "right" material.. If you chose to go the route there are a vast number of colors available to you. DMC Floss is available at most craft stores in the embroidery section. Beware, it's easy to end up with far more than you will ever use! DMC Color chart below. Oh and they come in satin too.
  4. Chug- Great set up fitting of the old quarter. Nice.
  5. From the Masters- Davie McPhail Tim Flagler
  6. ....................? Wait for it.....
  7. in other news- 15-pound, 13-ounce Brown https://www.foxnews.com/great-outdoors/ma-fisherman-15-pound-brown-trout-ice-fishing
  8. Nice ties, but how'd you get a shiny penny from 2065?
  9. This marks the first time I have seen this used outside of the LA Times Crossword.
  10. Current, You are dealing with a photography reality known as depth of field, The closer you get the narrower the depth of field. A former member here, Kimo, was an expert at layering multiple shots to give the impression of a full sharpness across the photo. One option is to take a picture further away from the fly and then enlarge the picture. Your depth of field will be greater, even if the original image will be smaller. Hope this helps.
  11. BB, Just tried to send you a PM but it said you aren't taking messages
  12. Old news- The US city of Portland, Oregon, is dumping 38million gallons (143m litres) of water from its reservoir after a teenager was caught urinating into the water supply.
  13. And one to mine for all of us in the Carolinas https://castingcarolinas.com/
  14. The Blue River is a great spot! If you haven't yet try down past the ford at the lower campsites
  15. "My name is Maction17, and I’m a fly tyer." Hi, Maction17, and welcome
  16. I hesitate to offer up my perspective here as this topic comes up frequently and there are many established tiers that have strong opinions on the subject. Still as a late starter and relatively new tier, say five years or so, I found buying a kit the perfect way to get started on what has since become a very enjoyable and expensive hobby. Not all of us had access to a mentor that would guide us along the way. I remember walking up to the tying materials wall at the local BPS and thinking "Holy Crap" how would you know where to start? I purchased the upper end Orvis kit (about $200) when I started. Granted it's twice what the OP wants to spend, but this was my entry kit. I suspect the lower end kit is similar but limited. Again with full disclosure I have no affiliation with Orvis, merely this is where I chose to start. In the kit I received all the basic tools required to get started. Have I purchased new and better tools since? Yes, but all the tools from the kit are still on my bench or in my travel kit. Moreover, the enclosed video CD, a Tim Flagler production, taught me how to use them. The kit contained all the hooks and materials required to tie 16 different flies. It told me what hook to use, laid out the materials that were required, matched the bead heads to hook sizes, and introduced me to the terminology that related to the materials and how they were attached (hackle, dubbed, palmered, chenille, etc.). The sequence of the videos provided building blocks on techniques and complexity of the flies tied. Being an old military guy I would watch the video segment first, tie with the pause button at the ready, tie again, try without, and then review. It taught me the basics of fly tying and left me with 160 flies, some horrible results, others quite productive. Some that have been fished out, others that I just never had any luck with (Chernobyl Ants come to mind). I learned to tie thread bodies, palmer feathers, tie in zonker strips, tie parachute posts. So for less than $1.25 a fly (that makes the basic tools free) I learned. So from that starting point I now have three other vices, multiple bobbin holders, more materials than I can possibly use in my remaining days, and a understanding of what I need to purchase when I want to tie a certain type fly, and no regrets. I strongly recommend that a new tier get a good kit as means of exploration.
  17. X3. I'v also found they don't wrap as well as fly tying wire.
  18. I am he as you are he as you are me And we are all together
  19. Mike, The real question is why are you standing on the railroad tracks?
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