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  1. Many of my favorites are already listed, but a few weeks ago I ran across a channel called Fly Fiend. This guy has some interesting stuff...flies are well-tied and videos are decently produced. Definitely worth a look.
  2. philly, I'm on rt. 611 a few miles north of Easton. I don't remember much about the Virtual Fly Box...I thought it was part of the forum section of the Fly Fisherman magazine website. What I do remember is tying 100 Elk-hair caddis for 2001: A Caddis Odyssey...now that was a swap
  3. Hello All, I'm a self-proclaimed "spoiled flyfisher" from eastern PA. Living about a mile from the Delaware River and around 2.5 mi from class A troutwater I believe allows me that title. Of course some may disagree, and there are more exotic fly fishing locales, I'm proud to call the gin-clear freestoners and limestoners of PA my home waters. As mentioned in the subject line, I took a 10+ year hiatus from (serious) fly tying. As I didn't have much time to fish and had a serious stockpile of flies saved up from when I was a college-aged kid with more free time to spend at the vise, I didn't really need to worry about tying anything. I've recently got back into tying and am very impressed with the new materials on the market. Right now, I'm having a lot of fun tying with Hareline's Ice Dub, which has quickly become my favorite dubbing. Veevus body quill, plummeting rainbow-hued beads, Lively Legz and UV glue are some other new faves of mine and are helping me turn out some productive flies . I was also very active in fly swaps on the Virtual Fly Shop if anyone here remembers that site and I hope to get involved in one of the FTF swaps very soon. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself... Greg
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