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  1. gpd4 - if you cut the soccer ball and use a bike pump, use a foot pump. I used an upright pump initially but switched to the foot pump a few months ago. I can now pump it hands free, which is much better. I just had to cut the hose and add an extension.
  2. I put my mono in the trunk of my car in April and leave it there for 6 months. Then it sits in the garage for 6 months. Then its back to the car for another 6 months. I've never thrown any away because it went bad, and I rarely buy new mono so its usually old stuff I'm using.
  3. While that works I'm sure, I'm looking for something a little less do it yourself, this one is for a gift. The Cliff Crab Shack looks like it might work, but I've never tried it for poppers.
  4. What box do you like best for large bass poppers?
  5. I have a "yellow banana" kayak. It's an old one, sit in, and not comfortable at all. However, I'm dying for the weather to get warmer so I can get it back out. That said...I'm hoping for a new job (2nd interview seemed to go well) and if I get the job I've told my wife that my "signing bonus" (which I'll have to buy myself) is going to be a Diablo Paddlesports Adios!!! Yes, I REALLY hope I get the job....and kayak! The Adios isn't rotomolded, it's ABS plastic (or something fancy like that.) So, from what I hear it's harder to repair. It does have a slick surface which allows for the use of suction cups to attach stuff. So, you can put your rod holder in one place....fish it for a day....and decide you want to move it somewhere else....and never have to drill a hole. It's also meant for big Texas guys in low water. It's designed to be wide and stable enough for standing up. It's what I dream about when I go to bed at night. www.diablopaddlesports.com
  6. I haven't used them. However, I bent a paperclip once....and never used that either. It's a great looking way to make extended bodies.
  7. Hmmm...I've never put a popper in the water without a line attached. My guess is that the line will sort of help settle it out. However, like Stippled said, it probably doesn't matter. I figure any movement after YOU stop the popper is bonus. So if it rocks back on it's butt, that's good movement and might get a fish. Those poppers are great looking!
  8. I've fished them for bass before....caught a nice 17 inch largemouth a year or two ago on one!
  9. I've done a bunch with Copic markers, and I use Clear Cure Goo to cover them....BUT, if the goo isn't completely covering the Copic markers, the Sally Hansens I use next (to get rid of the remaining tack from the goo) will find it's way into the marker and destroy the paint job. I know CCG has other goos that work differently than the 2 versions I have, so one might work without a need for Sallys. I have seen other popper guys use the CCG Hydro. That's my next purchase. Good luck Owl! Either way, just fish what you have, I've seen worse looking flies catch fish than some bleeding marker popper. That said, don't tell anyone that....because I too would like to sell some poppers!
  10. Great looking poppers! Show the final results when you get them done.
  11. What you are doing is fine. What's wrong, is when people think you shouldn't do it. It's your materials, it's your choice.
  12. So, Les Claypool, the bassist and singer for Primus, and avid fly fisherman, is going to be in town this weekend for a show, and I'm hoping to convince him to go fishing with me before or after the show. So, anyone know him? I've got 2 days to get my offer to him (a long shot I know), so spread the word! http://guysfliesandpies.blogspot.com/2011/10/dear-les-claypool.html
  13. Every rod probably alters how you cast a bit. My first fly rod I bought at Something-Mart (wal or K, I don't remember). That thing was a stick with guides on it. When I got my next fly rod, source and maker unknown, I really learned how to cast. But, speaking of cheap...my favorite fly rod is one that I built myself (first and only) and the kit only cost me $50. So, cheap doesn't always mean crap. But, cheap does mean it's a different rod and therefore might require a change in casting.
  14. Yes, you can (if your state allows it...I'm guessing they do). I've gone out in the middle of winter on warm days too. I usually don't worry about what they are eating...mostly because THEY never seem to worry about what they are eating. Small enough to fit in their mouths is about the only concern of mine. Good luck!
  15. Welcome to the site! Utah is one of my favorite places to fish...because that is where my grandfather first got me out to fly fish! If you travel about 3 hours south of SLC you can get up into the mountains east of Ephraim and fish a few tiny lakes that I would die to fish again someday!
  16. Agreed! Plus, a true rotary is far better than just rotary. I have a Dyna King that rotates, but off axis and just the other day while using it I pulled a hook out and switched to my true rotary Renzetti to finish off the fly. (The Dyna King is my second...or third...choice from my vises, but the kids had my first choice in use.)
  17. For what it's worth...it was that initial post about his new website (and the resulting comments) that got me off my butt to order the stuff. It arrived last week and I've covered more poppers with it in 1 day than I ever did with 5 minute epoxy. The convenience of it was worth the price to me. I could cover a fly, check on Pandora, go back and check the fly again, talk to my kids, THEN finally hit it with the light! I always felt like I was racing the clock with standard epoxy. See the light!
  18. To flare them out on the tail tie a little bump of dubbing behind them, that should convince them to flare a bit.
  19. That's a great idea! I like how you have the clothes pins holding it all together. I had green fingers for a few days because I held them in my hands.
  20. I consider myself either Dr. Angler or Dr. Fly Fisherman.
  21. Haha. Reminds me of the very first Guys, Flies & Pies I hosted years ago. I was talking to my friend about coming, but he had never tied flies before. I asked if he had a vise and he said he had one from his grandfather. Then I asked if it was pedestal or clamp, he said it's just one you put on your table. Well, I was confused because he didn't answer with pedestal or clamp, so I just told him to bring it along. When he brought the vise in we all got a big laugh out of it!
  22. I fished with a few guys back in 2007. They were in town fishing and it was good to get out and fish and hang out together!
  23. That is an awesome fly! Loved the video of it in action! Posted this on Facebook!
  24. Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'll try 30 minute epoxy for the next batch...which has to be done soon since the first ones started falling apart.
  25. I did a bit of poppers recently, and have been giving them some swimming time. I started to notice some of them started to have the epoxy peel off a little. However, the other night I had by far the biggest epoxy failure yet. I had the whole epoxy shell fall off. You can see in the photo the epoxy that came off, and how the popper was left without much coloring. I've used 2 part 5 minute epoxy on these but now I'm thinking since I've had many of them start to peel, and this one fully shed, I might need to try something new. I wish I could afford to lay down the cash for some Clear Cure Goo, but that's not an option right now. Any suggestions? Maybe a second coat of the same epoxy?
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