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  1. My friend made a battery powered one. It takes a second or two to twist it up. Here's a post with the photos of it. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=26807
  2. 2 weeks ago tonight I took my first kayak ride, and caught 2 bass. Last saturday I took my kayak out for the first time (2 weeks ago I borrowed one) and now I'm dreaming of my next float. I would like to upgrade since mine is a river kayak, but for $80 DELIVERED my wife couldn't pass up the deal.
  3. WAIT! Stippled Popper is asking how to do this? Has the world ended? Should I grab my tying stuff and head for the underground bunker?
  4. That's cool! Glad to see the hooks still in place for the photo!
  5. Steve, sweet photos. It looks like the trip was a huge success! The cabin looks great, the new sign looks great....and....um...you look great! CONGRATULATIONS on quitting smoking! AWESOME!!! that 90+ reading on the thermometer looks like it was in the shade....freaking crazy! I'm ready for this heat spell to end!
  6. Wouldn't the simple solution be to not cut the head off the nail? You are taking the nail out when you are done...right? I can't figure out why you need the head cut off, and it just seems to be causing the problem.
  7. "You OK?" That was nice of him/her to ask. Definitely a tough looking place to land a fish that size.
  8. "I'm still right here, where I always was."
  9. I've used the Copic airbush and enjoyed it. You can see how I did it at my website I've seen other's airbrush onto foam with success. I just haven't tried it. Good luck, and post photos of your results!
  10. I've tripped in holes around ponds before but never broken a foot. good luck recovering! Try casting from the wheelchair or crutch out to the pond and just sit on the ground. I wouldn't let a broken foot stop me from fishing...and neither should you!
  11. I love bass guitar too, but nothing beats a nice lead guitar solo by Pink Floyd! wait....never mind.
  12. oatka

    sorry guys

    Put a worm on a fly rod. I fished with a guy that put bait fish on his fly rod. Crazy, but no one can stop you!
  13. Will has sold both in the past. I've ordered the shirts on both of the last orders.....which were about 2 or 3 years apart. Keep an eye out and I'm sure he'll do another order, but it could be a year or two.
  14. WOW. If I order now I can restock my feathers at a huge discount. I can get $50 for only $10 if I order right now. Gotta go. Got some shopping to do!!!
  15. I had my first in person sighting of one yesterday while at the zoo. I almost went up and talked to her....but didn't. The best bet to get this fad over with might be to have more moms like the one pictured get into it. Once the young girls see their moms trying to be cool, the young girls will stop, and the moms will soon follow because they are old enough to realize it's just silly to spend that kind of cash on something so ridiculous.
  16. I'd say that 9 is too much, and 5 might be a bit too little. I only have 5 and 8 weights, so if I was in your situation I'd probably go for my 5 if the flies are light enough for it, but if the flies are bigger and need more to cast them, then go with the 9. However, if you have a 6/7 that might be your best option.
  17. Kirk - I hope all my trips this year are as equally productive....I'll be happy with that. I have more poppers that have been painted, but need epoxy and some feathers, then they are ready to go. If I take the same friend again I'll need to get tying more sooner than later since he lost one for me!
  18. Will - Absolutely! Let me know when you move into town and I'll get some spots to you, or we'll head out together! Steve - it's a retention pond in a new housing development. I didn't know anyone who lives there until I started fishing, but I'm meeting a few of the neighbors.
  19. I really was hoping a cop was in that last car. Still a good video!
  20. Last Saturday a friend of mine and I got out for some early morning bass fishing. He hasn't been out a lot lately because his daughter needs a lot of attention, so it was great to see the fish were willing to cooperate. He caught 17, I caught 27, most were bass. We spent about 2.5 hours fishing and it was the most productive bass fishing I've had this year! We used some of the new poppers I've been tying. He started with a foam spider fly, but quickly learned he needed to switch up to a popper to get more hits! If interested, more info and photos on the blog.
  21. You can do it Steve!!!
  22. Mosquitoes suck! Literally. Each year I keep practicing my "mosquito casting" technique. It's where you cast a little, swat a little, strip line a little, swat a little, repeat, catch fish...then run out screaming like a girl when it gets unbearable!
  23. Probably one of the worst things you can do "I took her for granted was paying more attention to my fly fishing then her." Well she fixed that now didn't she. I should have seen it coming, My bad. Thanks for sharing with the FTF class. Now students, your homework is to get up from your tying desk, or walk away from the water, and go buy your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend a nice box of chocolates and some flowers and take him/her out to dinner and NOT bring up fishing for 3 2 1 hours. Steve, your homework since you are single is to pack up some rod parts and send them my way!
  24. If kids tell me that they were grounded by there parents, I ask if they want to share with the class why they were grounded, so the other kids can learn from their mistake. so, what did you do? We all have an interest in knowing (because we are human) to help keep our materials safe.
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