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  1. VERY nice! I definitely will have to try these someday!
  2. Not sure. I only went to 40psi because I was concerned that something would fail, and I wanted to get through the 25 poppers I had before a failure. ....and see foot pump comment below I'm glad you enjoyed it! I think with a foot pump you could really control the amount of air in the can....and instead of going up to 40psi you could more or less just use the can as an extension of the whole pump....so instead of using pressurized air in the can, you basically pump when needed....reducing the pressure in the can (overall) and limiting the potential for failure.
  3. I've been tying a lot of poppers lately. Ok, make that "painting" a lot of poppers lately. I've been putting 5 minute epoxy on them when they are all painted. I like how the epoxy looks when it's done, but it's not the easiest to work with. Since I've only got a few minutes to work with it I feel rushed, and ultimately I get only about 4 done at a time and most of them have pits in them....low points with no epoxy. Those are probably there because I'm rushing to get them done so I get more out of my epoxy. I've tried brushing it on and that seemed to help a little bit. So, I'm wondering if anyone has used Clear Cure Goo for a top coat for popper bodies. Does this stuff level well before you hit it with the light? If you've used both epoxy and CCG for poppers, what reasons do you like the CCG over epoxy and do you think the cost difference is still worth it? ....and finally, can you post some photos of poppers you've covered with CCG? Thanks!
  4. Murray, I got mine from http://www.fineartstore.com because they are here in town for me. I had done some looking online and I was going to buy from https://www.oozak.com/copic.php but I didn't want to wait for them to be shipped. I think in the end, I paid about the same price, but got them sooner by going local...which I know is not an option for you. Good luck!
  5. Thanks guys! Wow, $30. Cool, I saved $30!!! of course, once the kids (pump pushers) grow up and move out I might resort to something like that.
  6. It took me a while to get off my wallet too....but this hack of the air can makes it easier to justify that initial investment. Had this not worked, I might have only bought 4 markers and painted only 25 poppers (not wanting to pay $12 per can)....now I might get more markers and keep painting! Make sure to show us the flies you tie/paint with your airbrush!
  7. There's been a lot of people interested in the Copic airbrush system lately, myself included. I was hesitant at first to drop the cash for the stuff because of the price, and then the price to keep supplying it with air....by buying more compressed air cans (about $12 each) or a compressor (about $ way too much for me). But, I decided to buy the smallest amount of stuff I needed to get started and see what I think, before I went too crazy. I bought the grip and D60 can of air, and 4 markers....total cost about $50. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed when the can ran out when I had painted only 25 poppers. I thought the can would run out before the markers, but at 25 poppers painted, for $50, if I stopped then I'd have $2 in each popper just for the base coat of color. That was just unacceptable to me, and about stopped me from spraying any other poppers. Before I bought the setup, I had asked on here if anyone had tried to hook their sprayer up to a bike pump....no one responded saying they had done it. So, with an empty can on my hands, I decided to give it a shot. I've posted a full write up on my blog to show the steps, but here's a few photos from the process. Check out the full how to here. If you do think of doing this, I don't give it more than 40psi (2 pumps on my pump), so I've thought a foot operated pump would allow you to keep pumping without having to stop and use your hands.
  8. Found an interesting how to for foil poppers online. http://www.laflyfish.com/flies/foil-popper.php
  9. It's not that difficult, with the right tools and a bit of patience. There are a lot of steps that are just "wait for it to dry" since there's a lot of glue and paint on these things.
  10. Nice fish, bigger than the few crappies I've caught, and great fly. I'd love to find a place locally to find crappies more often than one or two every year or so.
  11. Thanks Perchjerker! I haven't tried the foil yet, but it's on my list of things to try. I ended up painting all the popper heads I had, so until I buy more, or foil over one, it will be a while.
  12. I've been getting some poppers ready for the coming months. Recently I bought a Copic Airbrush and have been using that to do the initial painting of the base colors on my poppers. I like it because it gives a nice fade from color to color. I've got a more detailed description of this airbrush on my blog at http://guysfliesandpies.blogspot.com Also, later today/tomorrow, I'll be posting how to get more free air out of the same can of air, even after it runs out. It really makes the initial investment go much farther.
  13. Nice popper and great paint job!
  14. I've thought about using a Nerf bullet for a while....glad to see someone actually tried it! Nice work!
  15. Wow, that's cool! I might have to try that.
  16. oatka


    Firedad - A good bobbin makes all the difference. My wife bought be a nice ceramic oversized bobbin a few years ago and I love it. Wish I had a dozen of them. Well, not long after I got it, my son who was probably 1 at the time decided to chew on it. At the time I thought it was harmless fun....until I noticed the ceramic tip came out (drool is a solvent I guess). I was left with a very useless bobbin. Then I got an idea to replace the tip. A friend of mine hooked me up with a glass bead he uses for midges and I glued it in and have run THOUSANDS of yards of 6/0 thread through it (making furled leaders) and haven't had any issue at all. I even recently replaced the butt end bead. I wrote up a little article on how I did the replacement. It can be found on my website at http://www.guysfliesandpies.com/tips/bobbi...placement.shtml The only thing I think you might have to do first is widen out the tip to accommodate the bead. I've never done that, but I'm sure it can be done if you think about how to do it. I hope this helps.
  17. Perchjerker, great write up on how you cut the bodies. it sounds like a well thought out approach. I like the bodies on those flies. How did you get them to look scaly?
  18. Great fly, great photo! Any luck with the fly yet?
  19. I started my popper journey with small cork, and painted them with nail polish. Since those days 15 years or so ago, I've made some with preformed foam from J. Stockard, and sheets of foam from Wal-Mart. I'm almost done with 50 of the preformed from J. Stockard, and having a great time. I did buy a strip of balsa and got as far as cutting a few pieces to length. I stopped working on those because I had to shape them myself....and to me, that wasn't appealing to me. In the end, the balsa would be cheaper per fly, but more time consuming since you have to shape it first. If I had to vote, I'd vote for those preformed ones from J. Stockard....just wish they came in larger sizes....yes, even larger than the saltwater sizes.
  20. Very nice looking fly!
  21. Brian - My D60 can got me through 25 popper heads.....not that impressive at all in my opinion, considering how tiny poppers are. If you have patience, I hope to have a cheaper refill solution to post about in the near future. The other system you linked to looks promising too. If you get one, I'd be interested in the results.
  22. Yes, I painted these with the Copic airbrush. I am new to airbrushing too, but it's pretty simple with this system and poppers. I start with the lightest color first and work my way to the dark ones. I hope to have a more detailed post on using it up soon. DOH! actually, each pack came with 10 heads, so I glued 2 of each 10 on backwards for sliders.
  23. Use the back end of a drill bit. They come in various sizes and work well. I've got close to 50 poppers ready for eyes....hopefully start those tonight with my drill bits.
  24. I had fun last night painting poppers with the kids. It's amazing how anytime I pull out popper heads, the kids are ready to paint them! This is something we've done every few years, even when the kids have been fairly young. Last night my 4 year old had a turn at the sprayer. I found this "before" shot interesting with how it ended up being so provocatively positioned....all by accident of course. Most were painted using a stick with an alligator clip to hold the fly, but some of the detailed work required me holding them close in hand....and my fingers are still black. There sure are a lot more steps to making these look nicer than the ones from years ago that were just covered with nail polish. I can't wait to get them feathered up and wet!
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