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  1. Thats a lot of money for an HMH Vice, my first vice was an HMH sold by Orvis here in the UK.
  2. I use something similar, rechargeable so I can take it with me to tying club, lasts about 10 hours once charged. I also have the Petitjean LED lamp with tool holder for my Swiss Master Vice good but mains only as I can't get the battery pack for it.
  3. Nice looking bird Xterrabill, looks in good condition for his age too.
  4. Hi Piker, where have you seen the Bass articles? I thought they were all deleted when I got banned from the Lure Forum for daring a mod to ban me and he did, I have never gone back. I stopped lure fishing a few years ago after having a stroke and went back to fly fishing for excersise as its safer than rock hopping.
  5. I would look for Marc Petitjean on you tube, CDC is his favourite material I have put a photo of a CDC caddis on the flies for August section of the site, it is one of the Petitjean recipes. https://youtu.be/XiQ8vkOzlJc
  6. The best rotary vice in my opinion is the Norvise, I tie more flies faster on it than any of my other vices, (Petitjean Swiss Master, Dynaking Ultimate Indexer and Anvil Apex). Saying that I do quite like the look of the Peak and prefer the look of it to the Renzetti's which seem too flimsy to me, especially the traveler.
  7. I use the Dynaking Cement Reservoir if I use anything, I normally use two whip finishes so don't bother using head cement, but the Dynaking is ok never seems to stick or clog up.
  8. I love Orvis, I learned to fly fish on the river Test here in the UK with Orvis and have always used their gear, I currently have two Helios 2 rods, an 8'6" #5 and a 9'6" #6 and love them both. Personally I would not shop anywhere else.
  9. I use either an Orvis Hook tower or a C&F hook pallet, which are basically the same as the Orvis hook pallets for my hooks, currently on sale in the UK @£69.00
  10. Not a vice that I am attracted to tbh especially at the price they are going for, but each to their own.
  11. My name is Rob and I am addicted to fly tying tools and vices,I only started tying again this year and have four vices so far, a Marc Petitjean Swiss Master, an Apex Atlas, a Dynaking Ultimate Indexer and a Norvise, tools I have a full set of C&F tools, by full set I mean everything they do, as far as I am aware, a full set of Petitjean tools as well as scissors from Tiemco, Sportfish, Petitjean, Orvis ect and bobbins from Shmaen, Marc Petitjean, C&F and Norvise among others. I like nice tools and buy them when I see something I like the look of, I just can't help it and I have more materials than I am ever going to use, but it's my hobby and I enjoy it, I don't smoke and drink very little so who cares about the cost.
  12. I have a selection of bobbin holders from normal steel tubed cheepo's, Smhaen, Norvise, C&F and Petitjean amongst others, I prefer the Norvise to use, probably because I tie more flies on the norvise but the Petitjean are a lot easier to load, especially with my old eyes, if I find they click I just turn it round in my hand and that seems to stop it clicking not that it really bothers me, the hook for the dubbing loop I have never used as I tend to prefer splitting the thread instead.
  13. Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but I have the Marc Petitjean Swiss Master Vise and really like it, really easy to set up and changed from hooks to tube flies in about a minute, a bit expensive at £900.00 but beautifull to look at as well as use. I also have an Anvil Apex, Dynaking Ultimate Indexer and a Norvise, so maybe the start of a collection. To be honest I probably tie more flies on the Norvise, but the others do get used as well.
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