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  1. Very awesome resource! Thank you for sharing this!
  2. Great info guys! I'm getting better at my dubbing, I am using the suggested wet finger method. I just have learned that I have to apply tiny amounts at a time otherwise my flies look horrid.
  3. I'm a perfectionist...... This dubbing has be a but crabby, still learning to mold it properly onto the thread correctly.
  4. I agree, I am totally pro about de-barbing everything. I plain silly not too!
  5. Nope, just wanted to get something decent to get started with. No major plans outside of getting to know the basics for now.
  6. I brought home a brand new Peak rotary, a mess of thread, dubbing, hooks, beads, wire, pheasant tails, and wire. So far i've managed to drop several hooks, lose them in the carpet to find one with my little toe. Working on laying nice rows of thread and whip finishing. Hopefully by the end of the week i'll be confident enough to begin working with the dubbing.
  7. Hey fellas, I have always favored the Gama hooks for all of my catfishing needs and see that they make some very nice barbless fly hooks. Have any of you tied with these two specific models yet? I'm aiming to use them for my PT's and Hare's Ears primarily.
  8. Thanks guys! Not only will this be a new hobby, or obsession but also therapy from the madness of the everyday grind!
  9. Hey all, I'm new around these parts. Been stalking the forums a bit and just recently picked up fly fishing. Been a fisherman all my life, just never really touched a fly rod. I'll be mostly focused on tying my own flies, it just seems that I cannot simply be satisfied what I see on the shelves my curiosity never stops, so I felt the need to get a vice and let the experimenting begin!
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