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  1. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your comments.
  2. Thanks for all the help and guidance. I think I'll stay with the hook I have and maybe try the 8/0 thread.
  3. Thanks 1hook. My friend uses this fly in a 12-14-16, since I'm new to tying and this is my first attempt at something this small I thought I'd go with the size 12. I had thought about trying some 8/0 thread, I'll pick some up over the weekend. Thanks
  4. I'm an old geez that's new to fly tying and fly fishing. I started tying last fall and so far have really enjoyed the journey. I'm tying up some flies to be gifted to a good friend that lives and fishes in Oregon. His favorite fly is a Pheasant Tail Soft Hackle - green or orange. I went to a fly fishing show over the weekend and picked up some material. I have a #12 Daiichi 1530 wet nymph hook, 1x short and Olive color 6/OW Uni-Thread. My questions, do I have a good hook selection, would I be better with a longer 2X? Is my thread a good selection or would I tie a nicer fly with smaller thread? Any advise would be appreciated. I've tied up a few and they look good to me, but I'm not gonna be fishing them. Thanks
  5. Bugsy, the hooks I have started with are Mustad size 2 streamer. I also have some size 4 streamer but have tied everything using the size 2 so far.
  6. Thanks everyone for the great input, just what I needed. Utyer, I'll check out the hollowshimmer this weekend. Thanks all.
  7. Mikechell, if I had an old pair of flipflops, I would have added them to my material box already. It's pretty sparse right now and why I need to place an order. I have crafted all of my tools myself using ideas off the internet so I do understand using what you got. My vice would just make you shake your head, but it works so far. Thanks for the welcome.
  8. I’m new to the Fly Tying Forum and I’m very new to fly tying and fly fishing for that matter. I started tying flies just a few weeks ago. Right now I have a very basic set of tools, but enough to get started. I have a few materials that I picked up at craft stores along with some thread and hooks I got at the fly shop in a Bass Pro store. The flies I’m tying will be for smallmouth bass (and largemouth), fishing mostly small lakes and creeks in southern Indiana and central Kentucky. I’m planning to tie mostly wooly boogers, zonkers and bait fish streamers, perhaps some crawdad patterns. I would like to place an order (perhaps J Stockard) for enough materials to begin working on these patterns. The list I’m thinking of ordering is: Krystal flash Select Craft Fur - white, olive and a dark Hare strips 1/8- black or natural Buck Tail Chenille, medium - white and olive Lead dumbell eyes- medium Living eyes - 4mm Cones -medium Uni thread - black and white 3/0 Lead wire .035 Rubber legs I already have several colors of acrylic yarn to use for dubbing. Is this a good starter list? Anything I’ve left off that would be a must? I know I need some Hackle, I just don’t know enough to know what too order, so I would appreciate any input you might have. Thanks for your any advice or input you can offer.
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