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  1. No offence taken. I honestly don't know how to answer why if felt better. It was lighter and didn't seem to take as much work to cast it. I plan on fishing for largemouth and smallmouth bass and trout. My casting experience is very limited at best. I went fishing in CO with a guide a few yrs ago but have no idea what type of rod we used. Aside from that, casting at the store a few days ago rounds out my casting experience. In all honesty, I don't know what style of fishing I will be pursuing (dry fly, nymph, streamer) as I don't have the experience yet. I will be fishing in lakes and streams (think eastern PA if you are familiar with it). I am a spinning fisherman moving to fly fishing so that is my point of reference if that helps. I tried both the Clearwater and Recon and was leaning towards the Recon.
  2. I am looking for my first fly rod. So, I went to my local Orvis the other day and did some casting out back with a few different rods. I tried three different ones and the one that was considered fast action felt the best (surprise, surprise it was also the most expensive). Now, by no means did I spend a significant amount of time with any of them but I did get an idea. I am curious if it could be detrimental to my learning curve to choose a fast action as my first or should I be more of the mindset of 'go with what feels good'?
  3. I am taking some advice I read on here to start with 5 or so different patterns to learn and go from there. The problem is I don't know which patterns that I want to start with and in turn, which material I require. I would like to start going after lake trout and large/small mouth bass. I will be fishing in NJ area (think a 1 - 2 hour radius from Philly). Now that I am thinking about this, it leads me to another question. I know there is an entomology section here but can anybody recommend a good book on the subject for beginners?
  4. Hey Tom, yup we met at Otts and you should have a few cold ones waiting for you next time you stop up. Thank again! Mikechell, if you want to give props to someone, give them to Tom Cummings, as he was the one kind enough to lend me his gear to get my feet wet and taking the time to answer my questions.
  5. Hey all, I just wanted to say hello to the community and tell a little about myself. As most of you do, I too love to fish. I have always been a bass fisherman (with a good mix of sunny's and pickerel in there as well) and have pretty much always used spinning reals. I had always dreamed about fishing for trout in the mountains and the rushing waters of the streams in my head. A few years ago, I was in Rocky Mountain National Park and my buddy and I decided to bite the bullet and hire a guide. Well I can say with the utmost confidence that it was one of the few events that I had fantasized about that actually lived up to my expectations. It was one of the best days of my life. I have not been fly fishing since. It has been on my list of hobbies (read: obsessions) to pick up but for one reason or another have not had the time. Recently I was introduced to a gentleman who is on here (I do not know his forum name) and he dispelled my fears of the financial commitment of getting into the sport and took the time to explain and answer a lot of my questions about the equipment. Not only that, he was kind enough to lend me the majority of the materials I need to get started tying flies. To say I'm thrilled is an under statement. So hello from NJ and Pa (where I live and work) and I look forward to joining the community.
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