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  1. That's awesome, I've seen people do origami wings with CDC also.
  2. It is partridge that I dyed a soft yellow. Thanks for the positive comments guys!
  3. I am a big believer in the concept- mostly incorporating CDC
  4. They are pretty similar, I think I give a slight edge to the Semperfli but I have just started using it. I like it better for all around tying than the Nano silk but it is not nearly as small. Actually I think Uni Trico 17/0 might be my favorite thing out there. Plenty strong enough for most applications, only downside for me it that it only comes in white. Not really a big deal if you keep a few markers around. Still have some Gudebrod 10/0 which I use too. I really don't know why I have so much dadgum thread.......or I just don't use the Trico....Nano silk is good if you need the strength but I find it kind of annoying to use. still using Veevus too.
  5. I have never been able to make it work, Chewie skin always self destructs in my boxes. Could never find a coating that didn't eat it up either. I liked the material but could never get anywhere with it, if anyone has any answers, I am all ears.
  6. I would just move on to Uni Trico. Hands down my favorite thread for any thing small. It is surprisingly strong, 17/0, flattens, splits easily & wont dull your scissors. Only comes in white but that is what markers are for. Amazing stuff, I use it for everything but streamers.
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