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  1. The process is extreme simple. Put tumeric in hot water (I dont follow a recipe, just make the mixture rather strong.) And heat until the feathers reach the diaries color. Keep in mind the wet feathers will be darker than when dry. Dry the feathers. I have not found a mordant to be necessary. This was inspired by the section on dying in Blackers Art of Flymaking.
  2. Some I dyed a while back. Edit: dyed with tumeric in case anyone is wondering
  3. Size 20 midge. Tied with Troutline materials. Excuse the poor picture. I am definitely not the photographer you are.
  4. Those definitely look effective!
  5. I think youll need a lot more resin!
  6. The same could be said of peacock and quetzal, both of which are known as effective materials.
  7. I hope you do t plan on fishing those. Those gold plated Yasuhiros are like $75 arent they?
  8. Wow Crackaig, it looks like the only thing missing is kneecap.
  9. I tie on a rickety old wood chair that has been in the family for the past 100 years or so.
  10. Plenty of information on tail processing here. https://www.mepps.com/squirrel-tail/
  11. I hope that earned the fly shop a great yelp review!
  12. Ive never seen that material used like that before. Looks killer!
  13. Any offers? If not, I am interested.
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