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  1. Machined hardened tool steel finished in black oxide, from what I can see. The only part on this whole vise that I can see that is cast is the mounting c clamp.
  2. I'm heading to get the oring tomorrow and see if I can find a replacement jaw adjusting screw. Still not sure if these are saltwater jaws or not, but will find out tomorrow. I am shickled titless. lol
  3. It's here, It's here!!! Original maybe early 90s Renzetti Presentation 4000. Pre cam lever, no ball bearings in back half of jaw. It has definitely been exposed to saltwater air - the brass would give a Navy guy an aneurysm. The seller was from Florida. One small adjusting screw for the vise jaws has had the plastic part separate from the allen screw itself, and I need an o-ring that makes the jaws open when you release the thumbwheel. The surface rust was from under the missing o-ring and wiped right off. But my favorite part ; I got it for $172 shipped. I cannot get over how small the jaws are compared to a Regal, which is what I have been tying on for some years now (thanks to my good buddy Mike). This is my first rotary vise, and if I take care of it, will be the last vise I ever own. Much cheaper and faster than restoring a Harley Davidson lol.
  4. Now that is interesting. Thank you very much for the info. I'm currently waiting not so patiently for the BBT (big brown truck). Thank you to everybody for all the info.
  5. Thank you, same to you and yours. I'm thinking these jaws may also be the saltwater jaws since the seller is from Florida. If that's the case I will restore them and sell them as I don't see myself doing any saltwater stuff. Steelhead maybe, but from what I know those hooks are a lot smaller than saltwater.
  6. Well, there is that....I think they look great. She's wanted these for a long time but she never gave me the other parts to attach to the earring stuff.
  7. Very cool!. What are you putting on the hook points, the little crystal looking things?
  8. First Spruce ever and first tying of 2018. One more to do and I hope it looks similar to this one. Earrings for a good friend.
  9. Thanks everybody. When I get it, I will take a lot of pictures and do a restoration post about it. Happy New Year!
  10. I bought it (eBay). Will have to be stripped down and cleaned, and there is a little bit of surface rust on the jaws. The brass is tarnished, but the seller is from Florida. On the oring, how tight does that oring have to be? I own two older Harley Davidsons, so i have an extensive selection of orings lol. I'm pretty stoked to get it, and as long as there is nothing major wrong with it I think I got a really good deal on it ($159). Thanks Kimo and phg.
  11. Kimo, Found this ad in a Fly Tying magazine I used to subscribe to from 1999. #2 lists as a Presentation 4000 alright, just a very early one.
  12. I can get a pretty good deal on this vise, but the jaws would have to be refurbished/rebuilt and from looking at it, I think the never cam lever jaws would bolt right on. The center screw in the picture appears to be the only thing holding the jaws to the head arm. Thank you for the info! Have a Happy New Year.
  13. This is supposedly a Renzetti Presentation 4000. I know that the original Renzetti came out in 88 (I think), so maybe this is a very old one. I have Googled for awhile and I'm not seeing any pictures with jaws like this. Every picture I see they have a camlock not a thumb screw. I would think that modern cam jaws from Renzetti would bolt up to it. Does anyone know if the original Renzetti was indeed a thumbscrew, and they changed to a camlock later? Thanks in advance, Andy
  14. Getting the line to turn over. The last time I cast this line on a 5W it was an abortion. Don't think it was the rod (Winston IM6 5W). I think this line when assembled is closer to a 6W. Add to that throwing heavy streamers and I think the 6W will allow me to use the 5W line. The loop to loop in the guides can be a rod specific issue as well - was reading on a bunch of forums about this same line and I'm not the only one that has had the issue with the original line. Someone suggested looking at guide diameters, including tip top. Makes sense when you compare different rods. Yeah I could just go buy all new line, but I'm curious as to whether this will work on the river or not. I have nothing to lose, it's colder than $hit outside, and it's probably not going to warm up anytime soon.
  15. That TFO 6W flips that line over like a boss. Considering you have all that weight plus a big wet streamer.......wow.
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