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  1. Check this kit from The Popper Company I would say. http://thepoppercompany.com/page/promotions
  2. I'm still a beginner but I buy kits that contains the perfect materials for the flies that you want to tie. The last one I bought is this Trout 2018 promotion kit. Contains finished flies , tying kits and lots of materials. In the end I will have materials to tie 100 flies if not more. http://thepoppercompany.com/page/promotions
  3. Check out The Popper Company!! I've bought this Trout season 2018 promotion kit recently. And it is awesome and fairly cheap. That kit contains a lot of finished flies, fly tying kits, materials such as popper bodies, epoxy eyes , fibre etc... I reckon I will have close to a hundred flies with this kit. The Popper Company suddenly appeared on my screen and normally I'm bit sceptical about buying from those ads that appear on Facebook. But went to the website and had a good feeling with it and I do not regret it. http://thepoppercompany.com/page/promotions
  4. Hello, I'm also fairly new to fly fishing and was also wondering where to buy tying materials. I've tried several ones and they were all pretty good. Couple weeks ago I bought this trout season 2018 kit from The Popper Company. It contained a lot of finished flies, tying kits , materials such as epoxy eyes, popper bodies, fluoro fibre, etc.... . I think I will have close to 100 flies and I paid 120$ for it. That is a bargain, I think Here is the link to that kit http://thepoppercompany.com/page/promotions
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