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  1. Received my set today. Great work to everyone!
  2. Can I get the address please? Will mail out tomorrow morning.
  3. Thanks guys for the tips on the humpy. Ill be sure to keep practicing with the techniques.
  4. Im usually just a looker, but I cant seem to get the back right on my humpys. To me it looks like it keeps wanting to wrap around the sides. Ive tried to hold it up while tying in, loosely wrapping, etc. If anyone has any advice Id greatly appreciate it.
  5. Flies are in the mail this morning. Side question, would it be possibly to get a picture of norms damselfly? Looking for a new one to ad to the rotation.
  6. Received mine today. Great work everyone. Cant wait to try them out this spring. Thanks breambuster for hosting and doing the leg work.
  7. My best luck on the bully has been with black ultra chenille with medium white legs and either a red or orange thread head. I always use a size 8 aberdeen hook. Had some decent luck with red ultra and a black head too.
  8. Address please. Plan to mail them out Saturday morning.
  9. I'm more than fine adding Mike in. If no one has sent there's already then I see no problem with it.
  10. Originally I'm from southeast Kentucky, but right now I've been transplanted to Iowa while the girlfriend gets a masters degree. Back home we had a few small lakes where you could occasionally get a 10 or 11 incher. They are far and few between, but when you do find the fight is worth the wait.
  11. The bristol hopper is a pattern that comes out of the Uk. Haven't really seen much of it in North America. I found it one day in a google search and decided to give it a shot. It rides at the surface or just slightly below and can be a panfish magnet. Heres just a picture off of google for an example.
  12. Been lurking around the site for about a year, and just realized I never introduced myself. Been tying for a few years, and just got into actual fly fishing the past year. Pretty much only fish and tie for freshwater. Constantly on the search for that 10+ inch bluegill or shellcracker to put a bend in the floppy rod!
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