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  1. Hi search you tube for chez nymphs these patterns are designed for Euro nymphing they are tied on heavy wire curved nymph hook's hope this helps Kind regards Steve
  2. hi regarding hackles for north counrty spiders it depends on which one you are talking about the simple answer to your question is to get Rodger Foggs (book) North Country Spiders I have this book and it's very good north country spiders are basically sparsely dressed wet flies the right way to dress them the body is half the hook length and hackles range from partridge breast feathers to snipe = snipr & purple, partridge = partridge & orange this will give you a starting point but the book would be more helpful hope this is of some use to you kind regards Steve
  3. If your fly fishing for pike try pike trek.com dubbing brushes are not a lot of use for lures as they don't provide the life like movement that long fibres produce a better action I have been tying my own pike flies for four years and have tried a lot of combinations and dubbing brush doesn't create movement like longer fibres hope this helps Steve Sparkie
  4. Haley if that's a first attempt you have done very well you need to work on the taper of the body and slightly build up the head of the of the lava keep going practice the taper of the body and thorax as these type of flies are not easy with practice of different fly patterns lots of luck with your future tying enjoy it Steve Sparkie
  5. Kevin look on you tube Davie Mc Phail he ties classic salmon flies, tubes, shanks, and a very teacher easy to understand and wide selection of other patterns hope this helps Steve Sparkie
  6. look's a good pattern should get you some trout regards Steve Sparkie
  7. Sorry can't help on this one but try walkers of trowel used to be. Tom .C. Saville , Try also Lakeland fly tying, trout catcher.co.uk Hope this helps Nigel at like fly is good guy very helpful. Steve Sparkie
  8. I still have love river trout fly fishing that got to expensive so I took up pike fly fishing and making my own pike flies as i did when I fly fished for trout if could choose one kind fly fishing it would be where there is plenty of river fly fishing. Kind regards Steve Sparkie
  9. Try fly-rite head cement excellent checkout fly tying suppliers eBay hope this helps Steve Sparkie
  10. Have look at Feather Bender Barry. Orde. Clarke on you tube also cadis fly shop also on you tube hope this helps checkout also Oliver Edwards sculpin pattern again on you tube Kind regards Steve sparkie
  11. When is start fly a kind friend I was buying materials from advised me to tie the hares ear nymph this thought me to fish on the surface in the surface film just under and various depths if you want further ideas email me Steve Sparkie
  12. does anyone know the topic or has read this on this forum regards Steve sparkie
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