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  1. Hi a bit to pricey for me as I have a reasonable library of reference books
  2. Hi tapering synthetic materials cut to required length in small bunches tapering fibres with fingers as in the video tie each loop of fibres and varnish threads as you come towards You start short then each bunch as you move forwards get a little longer at each tying in point then when you get the length you require you then start reverse tapering the fibres to give you a fish shape or the desired shape you require for the particular pattern you are tying hope this helps as this is the method I use to tie my pike flies as this method gives you a very durable fly Kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
  3. Hi a lovely surface film moth kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
  4. Hi a lovely north country spider nicely proportioned and slimly dressed just like spiders should be less is more a good fishing fly Kind regards SteveπŸ˜‰
  5. hi rotary vices are good for production tying if you don't tie a lot of flies there a waist of money you would be better of with a lever Jawed vice the professionals vice and easey to use the jaws are self adjusting and is a more durable vice hope this helps kind regards Steve
  6. Hi my best guesses are from top picture to bottom 1) wolf. 2) red squirrel 3) moose main 4) opossum 5) mongoose hope this helps just looking at photograph's is not as good as viewing the fur in day light Kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
  7. Hi Landon it's a caddis surface film Emerger and gives the basic shape of the Emerger to the fish looking upwards hope this helps Kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
  8. Hi Landon good luck with the fly rite bobbin hope you get more flies to tie to further upgrade your tying gear happy tying Kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
  9. Hi I ve done an google search for you hears what I found? Wide eyed hooks Tenkara - bum.com. Daiichi 110 Big eye - ring hook. feather craft in the states Another piece of help Orvis do a magnetic hook tier with a slot to lay the hook in and you keep a small magnifying glass with you to assist you good luck hope this help's
  10. Hi tie your flies hook point up and tie your lead eye's underneath the other alternative to weighting the fly is to use flat lead on the fly to fish hook point up then dress it with some of the rubber legs around the hook bend another way is to use an unweighted fly dressed on a heavy hook hope this helps weed guards tend to reduce your hook up success Kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
  11. hi try looking for a book (called fly tying tools and materials) by Helen Shaw it's fully ilustrated with b/white photographes from the tiers view point it's an old book but it's by an award winning fly tying tutor an american fly tier hope this help's kind regards Steve
  12. Hi perhaps your local tackle could you over a period of time when your buying tackle perhaps when the tackle dealer isn't busy looking at one particular photograph the hook's the flies where tied on I would hazard a guess that they were salmon or steelhead flies the hooks look like low water salmon hooks the wings on the flies is hair. There is also some traditional wet flies nymphs winged caddis dry flies it's a very big collection of flies and will take some time to go through your collection some of the flies might be pattern's that your dad developed perhaps you could ask your fellow angles for help by going through your boxes one at a time each fishing trip take one box out with you ? Hope this helps Kind regards Steve 😎
  13. Hi you want plaszote foam about 2mm- 3mm thick the shape you need to cut is v shape the width of the foam as a guide 1/8" depending on the size of hopper you require as a guide to length what ever size hook you are tying on the rule of thumb for length of foam is from the start of the bend of hook shank after tying in the v shaped end at the start of the bend of the hook wind the thread forward to about an 1/8" away from the hook eye then wind the thread back to where you tied in the foam tie in a rib 5lb/lbs nylon to rib the foam then dub some running on the thread for the body that gets you started then check out you tube to see how to tie the hopper pattern you want to tie as there are many patterns happy tying Kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
  14. hi the cree cockcape is rare you might get an indian cock cape or you could put your name on the list for a metz or whittings cape check your local fly tying suppliers in america you seem to have a more of a selection of good tying suppliers the cree cape is useful for adams as you would only need one hackle your alternative is to use a red game hackle and a grizzle cock hackle hope this help's while you try to track down youe cree cape kind regards Steve
  15. Hi use a standard lure hook and tie a booby nymph with a sinking line the leader is 2-3Ft long this method is deadly for bigger fish hope this helps Kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
  16. Hi the alternative is a Swiss CDC Multi-clip which is easier to use and more reasonably priced checkout any fly tying tackle shop in the States Kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
  17. Hi use a either a regal lever vice or a PWW design Scottie lever vice it's well engineered and a very reliable and reasonable vice professional tiers in the UK use this vice for it's reliability. hope this help's Kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
  18. Hi the body needs to taper from the middle of the hook to the tail it might be better to clamp a needle in your vice make a tapered tail and body this way see Oliver Edwards Mohican floating may fly also if you can borrow or buy a copy of Oliver Edwards A Fly Tiers Master class an excellent book you will learn a lot from this as I have Oliver is a realistic fly tier hope this is helpful to you hope you are well and staying safe in these difficult times always remember when tying difficult flies hurry slowly happy tying Kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
  19. Hi the tying thread I would recommend GSP thread 50 denier thread excellent for spinning deer hair and an excellent midge thread hope this helps Kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
  20. Hi the buggy looking nymph would represent a crawler nymph mayfly family hope this helps the other tent wing caddis Kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
  21. hi try flyrite natural varnish I have used it for years you don't need to thin it and it dries quite quick and leaves a strong finish then coat with salley hansons for durability hope this helps kind regards Steve
  22. Hi thanks for the tip I regularly watch advise you tube channel he's great teacher the kind of fly fishing I do now is pike fly fishing which I tie and design my own flies for mainly to tie imitation prey fish watt the pike eat in the broads and rivers of the UK I mainly boat fish as I am in the Norfolk and district pike club trout fishing in in the UK is very expensive and pike fly fishing is a lot more affordable plus the rush you get when the pike hammers the file is great fish on baby Kind regards SteveπŸ˜‰
  23. Hi keep up the good work the more you practice it will get in better proportion in your flies take your time hurry slowly all your knowledge and skill will come back Kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
  24. Hi have a look at Oliver Edwards a fly tier's masterclass. Rodger Fogg north country spiders Vince Marino in the ring of a rise dates proper what the trout said Gary la fountains. Caddis flies. French fishing flies. Darrel Martins micro patterns hope this gets rid of your fly tiers block some times it's better take step back and make a sketch of your intended fly make notes of suggested tying materials this is what I do when I am trying to design a new pike fly or trout or sea trout etc I a fly tying patterns record happy tying keep your chin up in these difficult times stay well Kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
  25. Hi regarding pairing wings and how to tie them to the hook check out Davie McPhail's you tube channel he ties a wide variety of flies he also ties classic flies which is what you need to tie in your wings also try and get a copy of Helen Shaws book fly tying materials. tools. Technique. With life size sequence photographs from the tyre's side of the bench this is quite an old book but this book was produced and written by an award winning fly Tier and tutor hope this helps sorry for the rant Kind regards Steve πŸ˜‰
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