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  1. Hello all, I want to apologize for delaying this swap. The package is in the mail as of 2pm today. The tracking number is 04798072336026039078. It was sent priority mail so it should arrive in 2-3 days. As some of you have noticed I havent participated in any swaps lately. I have enrolled as a masters student in Statistics while still working and on top of it all my grandfather has come down with life threatening case of the West Nile virus and has been hospitalized in for 4 weeks now. So, unfortunately I havent been fishing let alone tying much or even paying attention to the forum. Hopefully life will settle down in the coming months and I will ba able to resume swapping. Again I apologize for the delay. Jereme
  2. Mine went in the mail yesterday
  3. Flies are going out tomorrow. I finally recieved flies from Worstcaster (not his fault the postmark was from the end of june!!)
  4. Can I get the address mine are ready to go.
  5. Well, I will wait a few more days. There are a few people who aren't responding but there are some flies that are still en route.
  6. Recieved flies from Gaddy today.. Still Missing 4 sets...
  7. Flies from Pelhelmet arrived. There are still a lot of flies missing I can't wait indefinitely.... I am thinkign I will mail what I have recieved out on Monday.
  8. Okay, the first post is updated... We are missing a few flies for sure... I will post another update tomorrow. :dunno: i'm sure they are all on their way... right?
  9. Pm sent. We are now 5 days away from the due date... How are we doing? Jon G & E Simulans ready for an address?
  10. Got mine. Nice flies. Thanks
  11. FIrst page is updated. I recieved one set of flies yesterday and I will be watching for several more to come soon. Only 9 days left!
  12. Malynx, got your flies tehy look great. I know have 2 sets here.
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