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  1. Thanks all for your advice. You have given me the inspiration and ideas to get the kit put together
  2. That's a cool idea. Never would have thought of using that. They are a dime a dozen at our local 2nd hand stores
  3. I have an old AA vise that I learned to tie on. It is stuck away in a drawer and not getting used. My family and I love camping and there have been many times I wished I had a way of tying there stream side. Do any of you "live a portable life"? Wether it's a kit while on business or vacation or something you have stream side. If so what do these setups consist of and what do you bring with you? I am looking for ideas and inspiration to put my own together.
  4. I believe it was Hayemaker
  5. Hello everyone, I have been a member since before 2017 like my profile says, but was under a different name. For reasons I forget, was in able to access my old account. Started this one and was unable to get a confirmation email and could not log in. I lurked around for a while but haven't been here for quite a while. I started talking to a co-worker yesterday and found out he is a tiyer also. This prompted me to check back here to maybe get back into the forum. Was glad to see new setup and was successful in logging in. Anyway, from Eastern Oregon, love trout fishing and should probably get back to the bench since I been away from that too for some time.
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