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  1. 6.8 is a good round for deer, it's fallen out of favor for the 6.5 as of late. I've taken a few deer with .300 blackout, inside 200 yards it's a good round. I bought one of the AAC handi rifles in .300 with the 8.5" barrel, it's so tiny and quiet with a can on it my 11 year old uses it as his deer rifle.
  2. This is one I built a few years back. I use to shoot 3-Gun and this was my main rifle. It got to be a really expensive and time consuming hobby especially for someone who is ultra competitive. It's a really gear driven sport. I've got a couple SBRs, .300 Blackout with a can is my home defense rifle. And as far as being afraid to bring up the evil black guns because they are taboo I say bring it to the forefront. Tools is all they are, if you are afraid of an inanimate object you might need to be checked out.
  3. I'll get in on it, I tie a pretty mean double bunny that catches fish.
  4. You asked for this so strap in.
  5. You mean none of those things are normal? I’ve gotta rethink this fly fishing thing.
  6. I fish a large lake for bass mostly on the fly. I also fish out of a Gheenoe and I'm 6'6" 300lbs. The looks I get flying by bass boats in a canoe on steroids greatly rivals the looks I get fly fishing. This is how I feel when people are watching me fly fish.
  7. Saddest song you'll hear today
  8. I work with contractors and this is very true. Many look at it as such a small job it's not even worth firing the truck up. You might find someone just starting out and looking for work/experience that will come out and do it. Also this is a busy time for people in construction, it's hard to lock these guys down unless it's a big project.
  9. John Moreland’s singing and songwriting have a Springsteen feel to me.
  10. Two of the better young artist out right now, Colter Wall and Tyler Childers. I sing this to my daughter while I cook dinner and she dances.
  11. Welcome to America where you get taxed for buying stuff, not buying stuff, making stuff, owning stuff, thinking about stuff, drinking stuff, you get the picture.
  12. I'm no good at getting videos to embed here. https://youtu.be/NedEQ6sHloE
  13. Just got done tying these up for the panfish swap.
  14. Heading to Cape Hatteras for the week when I leave work. Between fishing and family I think this will be the theme song of the week. https://youtu.be/1iAYhQsQhSY
  15. Ill get in on one. Ive got vacation coming up next week so can probably find a night to tie something up.
  16. Probably the smallest bass Ive ever caught.
  17. After a 16 hour day at work this song sums up how Im feeling. https://youtu.be/tuHvL48E0Uw
  18. Im 6foot6inches 320lbs, please dont mistake me for ol big foot and shoot me. I will return fire if Im still breathing.
  19. Tyler Childers will be the next Outlaw Country explosion, much like Chris Stapleton.
  20. Funniest joke I ever heard. A guy was sitting in his house and looked out his window and saw a gorilla in his tree. He thinks he’s losing his mind so he calls his neighbor, sure enough there’s a gorilla in his tree. They start calling around and sure enough the circus is in town and they have lost a gorilla. They call the circus and they say they’ll have someone there shortly and just to stay inside until he gets there. Circus guy pulls up and gets out with a shotgun in one hand and a dog on a leash in the other. Guy goes out to meet him and he says “I’ll get him down but I’ll need your help. I’m going to climb the tree and shake the gorilla out, when he falls the dog will bite him on the junk and I’ll leash him and put him in the truck.” The homeowner ask “what’s the shotgun for?” The circus guy says “if the gorilla shakes me out of the tree you shoot that damn dog”.
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