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  1. Is your friend heading to Chicago on Sunday for the GCCA fish swap meet?
  2. i like the tanks. The malawi tanks is always impressive. I should do this with my breeder males and stop breeding fish.'' Oscars are always friendly beasts. The gold severum is huge. Why the goldfish??? Nice man cave Chris
  3. I bought a presentation model for $210 today at our local cabelas down from $310. They had both the traveler and presentation on Wednesday when I was there. Starred at both and walked away. Figured I would give it a few days for someone else to buy them. The traveler sold before I got there today or I would of bought both. They are out now Chris
  4. I like the tank of Lake Malawi cichlids
  5. hazard

    First Car

    1976 cutlass 442 black/gold
  6. Peter resembles Ron Jeremy. Lol The pleco you saw was a L134. I have not had zebra plecos. Similar but the L134 are yellow. Either way I have not had them spawn. They need soft water and I didn't make the effort. I do breed bristlenose plecos though. I think I have had 8-10 varieties of tropheus. Bemba and Kiriza are my favorites. I sold my last group a year ago. I will have them again. More the merrier with them. Spreads out the aggression. I will take some updated pictures and start a new thread. Chris
  7. I figured I would introduce myself. I am a hobby guy that lives in Evansville WI. I started tying maybe 20yrs ago but stopped after a few years when the kids were born. Kind of stopped fishing altogether. I might get out a few times a year instead of a few times a week. I hope this will change this summer the kids are in high school and I do not have any sports going on on the weekends. Last summer a friend asked me to tie a few simple griffan knat type flies. Yarn and hackle. This got me looking on the internet again about tying flies. I found a sight called feather emporium which turns out to be 5 miles from work. I ordered some hackle and contacted Dave about stopping over to pick up instead of shipping. He let me stop over and I was impressed with the selection. I ended up buying 3 times of what I ordered. I have been back 8-10 times now and bought more then I ever should of. Other hobbies that I have are fish keeping. I have 70 tanks of african cichlids that breed. Some of my past fish http://webpages.charter.net/chazard/chris/ I do a bunch of woodworking/woodturning. Mill my own lumber with my chainsaw mill and stihl 066 beast. Chris
  8. The name doesn't sound familiar but that doesn't mean much. I have seen your friend at some point if he has been at the swap. I have had a table there for the last 10yrs and the vendors have changed a lot over time. Here are some of my past fish http://webpages.charter.net/chazard/chris/ Have you met Peter and Cathy Durkin from Detroit? That's a good friend. They are impressive fish Chris
  9. It would be nice to get down to those tanks with a bunch of show groups and not care of spawning. I get a table at the swaps. If you haven't been there you should go. Just to see all the fish. good luck with all of your fish. The tanks are looking good A group of O. Ventralis or Cyprichromis would look good in that 240g Chris
  10. I like the tanks. Your backgrounds are impressive. Do you make it over Chicago for the GCCA swaps? I am assuming the geos are redhead Tapajos. I had these once. No where near as big. Have they held for you yet? i see some Africans in one of the tanks I am a fellow fish keeper. Mostly Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyikian cichlids. 70 tanks in total Chris
  11. I have been turning for around 20 years. I wouldn't say I am all that great at it. Sandpaper goes along way towards greatness. I also used to do penturning. Playing on the lathe. In the top right of the picture I have a shelf of bowl blanks that are dry Chris Is it possible to load just a jpg file to the site instead of loading the picture to my site and then adding the url to this site?
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