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  1. I appreciate the feedback (at least the semi-serious ones). Still on the hunt for the material in question. I will have to look into the "kanenkalon" material. To be clear, this is basically fake wig material? I have more synthetic materials than I care to admit, so part of my elimination was to go through what I have, some more obvious than others; hence the list of "NOT" materials in my original post. With all the fly tying nuts on here, I figured it would make sense why I'm obsessing over finding the exact match to the material I'm looking for. I know there are a many suitable "substitutes", but I'm still searching. Again, I appreciate the serious feedback and still open to any suggestions on what it might be!
  2. Thanks everyone for the feedback. As I mentioned above, it is NOT bucktail. It does not taper to a "point" naturally like bucktail fibers do, and it's very limp and not "stiff" or straight. I even tried the "faux" bucktail from fishskull, and honestly that stuff is rather stiff and straight; almost to the extent that I don't think I'll even tie with it. Rather use the real thing (natural bucktail) for clousers, etc. It's not craft fur as far as I can tell. Any and all craft fur I've purchased has been shorter and the fibers can get pretty tangled if you mess them up with your fingers. This stuff was long and seemed to stay pretty untangled even when rubbed between your fingers. Still searching for the answer. I'm confident someone will see it and know what it is! Thanks again for the input everyone.
  3. Took the photo myself. I could use a different material but I’m determined to figure out exactly what it is. I’ll google a few mentioned above and see if that narrows down the list any.
  4. Thanks everyone! I figured it out using the tips above (and resizing in paint and attaching it).
  5. Not bucktail. It's a SYNTHETIC material I'm looking for. And before someone says it, it's not the Fishskull Faux Bucktail either. Tried that first, and it didn't match.
  6. Howdy folks. New to the board here, and getting things figured out on the forum. Need a little help identifying the material on this fly. Specifically, the green and white fibers. It's definitely synthetic, and I have tried (and failed) to replicate the exact material with no luck. In hand, the material feels very fine soft (not stiff like super hair). It does have a very very slight crinkle to it (but not extreme like super hair or slinky fibers). The closest thing I could find was the Hareline Fishair, but the Fishair ain't it. I'm fairly certain it is not any of the following materials (I have all these materials and have eliminated them as exact match): -SF Blend Fibers -SF Slinky Fibers -EP Fibers -Hareline Fishair -Senyo's Laser Hair -Yak Hair -Polar Fiber -Craft Fur (much longer than craft fur...) -DNA Frosty Fiber -Microlon -SF Mirror Image -Super Hair I'm sure someone out there knows what it probably is and I'm betting people tie with it because this fly is from a local fly shop with almost all the basic materials available (but not the one I'm looking for here). Any help from some knowledgeable folks would be greatly appreciated! Photo is attached.
  7. Can anyone help a newb post a picture? New to the forum and trying to figure out how to post pics from my iPhone. Any help is appreciated.
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