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  1. Nice color combo, using different colors for the under body and over body gives it that translucent shuck look that seems to fool the picky ones. I use something similar on the lakes in the Southern Rockies and it is probably my most consistent producer for small and medium size fish in the colder months. Search Youtube for "Midge Fly Emerging music by Lokitas," for footage of a midge emerging underwater. I thought it was pretty cool.
  2. I go bead in Spring when the fish have not seen a fly for a while. No bead later in the year once the fish are seeing beads every day and the water is clear, or go with a dull or hidden bead. I have found that fish that like a flashy wire rib also like a bead, the ones that don't like the wire rib usually get spooked by a bead as well. My thought is that if a split shot is going to spook them, so is a bright bead. Shops can charge more for the tungsten bead flies and they make finishing the fly easier which is the real reason I think they are always pushing beadheads.
  3. That made me laugh, there are probably some amazing Fly Tyers overseas who may have never casted a fly. I know speed is not everything but I think it weeds a lot of people out, there are a lot of people who can create something impressive if they have the materials, plenty of time and attempts. Obviously some can do it a lot better and more consistently than others. Even just tying for myself I like to be able to whip up a box of good looking durable flies quickly. I like to know what is possible and it makes me realize how often I spend 2+ minutes on the tail when someone else would be starting on their next fly. If anyone has any good speed videos please post or link them. Craven's 2 minute Parachute Adams and half dozen eggs I find pretty impressive, and it is hard to get me to watch someone tie up eggs.
  4. Love the confidence Mike, there are days when I think I might be the best out there. There are also days when I think I would be better off buying my flies. Also really like the stuff Dron Lee is producing, he has a lot of stuff that I would have never thought of on my own in a million years. I realize there are no Official Fly Tying Rankings but you have to have someone that you consider the best or maybe a top 3. It's OK to disagree, that is usually when you get people to give up their best information. I agree some of the big names are over rated, but they also have a huge advantage when it comes to access to materials and most of them didn't get big just by knowing how to promote themselves. I agree it is a big part but if they tied up bad flies they would be a lot better off making a ton of money working at a marketing agency. Great names, I was looking for some lesser known names to research. Interesting stuff on hand tying, I am going to have to look into that, sounds like it might be something useful if I don't want to bring a Vise and a bunch of materials on a trip.
  5. Who is the best to ever get behind the Vise? Make your own criteria for the best overall Tyer, any area of tying, living or dead. I want to see if there are some names that I have missed that I should check out. Tell us why you think they are the best. For me it's, Living: Charlie Craven - He seems to be able to tie up anything regardless of materials or species. His tying instructions are extremely detailed and there is not much Mr. Craven has overlooked when it comes to tying his flies. Legend Status: Shane Stalcup - My favorite person to watch spin up a fly. Some of the stuff he came up with back in the day is mind boggling. After I found the Stalcup Prince I have not fished a normal prince in years. If you have not seen his Netknots videos on Youtube you should check them all out. I am impartial because they both tie up a lot of Rocky Mountain bugs which is where I pretty much do all my angling.
  6. Nice pic on that Hopper, I was thinking about the Mini Me Hopper you posted. Going to try some yellow Stimi's and maybe some tan foam with a yellow sharpie. Your Son is much better at catching grasshopper's than me, probably better at fishing too.
  7. I like your thinking, could be one of the mini green hoppers you were talking about or a big green caddis. I want to downsize the hackle and use olive deer hair after seeing yours. Nice work, this is the one I was expiramenting with.
  8. Not a recipe but I have seen Cheech Pierce on Youtube blend craft fur and sculpin wool to make sculpin heads. I would link the video on Youtube but I have it blocked at work. I think it was the Sculpito that I saw. Good way to save on material and it looked like it would stick like dubbing. Might be worth a shot, you could flash up your craft fur as well.
  9. Could you cover it with something clear that is more durable like a clear scud back or tubing? You could probably tie in the Chewie skin and the scud back at the same time and wrap them together. Just a thought, very nice looking Caddis pattern.
  10. Got the idea for the body from a post on this site. Thank You to whoever originally posted it. Copper wire, orange crystal flash (or Sharpie), thin skin and strung hackle. Fishes like a Copper John, easy to see in the water column.
  11. It's hard to blame them and it opens up the rest of the river. I am going to have to give some of the ponds a try, I've thought about it but have never seen anyone fishing them. Looks fun.
  12. Pretty good for a bad day on the Juan, looks like a couple of nice spots with nobody around to catch fish. At least it isn't 5000 CFS and you can still do some wading.
  13. Great report, keep it up. The catch and release always seems to fish best at the highest flows for me.
  14. Skittering Zelon Midge, I knew it had a name. Great resources on this site. Good info on Zelon vs. Antron. If you tie some up, they work great during a hatch but also when the sun is going down and you can't tell what they are eating off the surface. I am not sure how they can see it but they do. The olive also doubles as a micro bwo if you see some on your local tail waters.
  15. Appreciate the replies, now I am tempted to just take it all apart to get any clues.
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