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  1. In regards to storing thread, does it Dry rot?
  2. Does anyone know how many videos there are in this series? CSB
  3. The Fly Fishers in Brookfield Wi., great place. Pat has mostly everything and If he doesn't have it they will can get it. https://www.theflyfishers.com/
  4. I have a chance to pickup some older Mustad Hooks, they are 3399, 3906, and 3906B, they are all Sproats. Sizes are from 12-16. What is the difference between the 3399 and the 3906? I thought the 3906B was a longer style of the 3906? And who now-a-days makes a hook that is similar to these old Mustads? Thanks CSB1
  5. The dish pan idea is rather unique.
  6. Looks like you guys got it figured out!! Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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