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  1. I'm aware, I'm just stating that it would not be worth my efforts in order to get the right orientation per the video.
  2. Thanks flytire, but I don't think it would be worth the energy to flip my pattern around on the hook.
  3. mikechell, Thanks for the input. Maybe the fish will think it's a dying shrimp??? Your guess is as good as mine. Thanks for the input!
  4. Hi everyone! I have been working on making a tungsten ice fishing jig that resembles a small freshwater shrimp. Here is one of my first tries. It is a 4.6mm tungsten bead on a #12 jig hook, gray dubbed body with FL shell pink ice dub over the top, then I have a "scud back" of Ziploc bag covered with thick epoxy, the tail/antennae is mallard flank. I think the color is a little too much pink for my liking, wish I could see more gray. Otherwise I think it turned out decent. I am looking for feedback on how to improve my design. Thanks in advance.
  5. Update: I am happy with the results of my tire with the clear medium rib from UTC. Over top of thread wraps of cream UTC 140 It looks great! It definitely darkens up the color a bit, but I am happy with the results. Looks a lot more realistic to me. I haven't tried with other colors as of yet.
  6. Interesting thought mikechell, That does actually make sense. Or, in the case of vinyl ribbing since it is relatively thin, act as a sort of "prism" in a way and "project" the color throughout the rib no matter which angle you look at it from.. I'm sure that colored ribbing in the color you want is the best way to go, but I want to make various colors and don't want to buy all the colors (because I'm stubborn) and want to just buy clear.
  7. Awesome! I will check out my local hobby lobby, but if I don't find anything there I will probably just go with UTC med vinyl rib in clear. Thanks everyone for the feedback!
  8. I was thinking about the medium size in clear over tan thread. Reason for the clear being I don't want to buy many colors. Will the color of the thread come through well enough?
  9. Just came across vinyl ribbing this morning while placing an order for more tying materials. I tie a lot of warm water flies (mainly for bluegill) and one of my go-to's is a rubber band wax worm tied on a size 10 scud hook. Although they look nice enough to fool a common gill, I was wondering if anyone has used vinyl ribbing for a fly like this. I saw UTC makes a D-shaped ribbing material in various sizes and colors. Just wondering what size and color I should go with. Should I buy tan or just lay down a tan thread base and buy clear, any information will help! thanks in advance!
  10. flytire, Thanks for the pic, I think that should work fine.
  11. flytire, this is so true. Unfortunately
  12. I've decided to just go ahead and order a pack of 3.2mm tungsten beads in black nickel color. Experimentation is part of the fun! I am thinking they will work very well for my application
  13. tjm, You are correct, but sometimes you can get away with a larger or smaller bead based on the hole diameters and hook gauge. For example, I make tungsten ice jigs with a size 12 hook and 4.6mm tungsten bead. According to the charts is does not line up, but for ice fishing I prefer the heavy weight. Basically I am asking how heavy of a bead I should go for a good anchor nymph on a euro style setup utilizing a size 16 hook
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