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  1. Mark That is a lot of material. You have your room organized nicely. I really like your tool holder. Did you make that?
  2. This is the start to a fly tying desk i am working on. More pics soon
  3. LOL!! I'LL get on that. once again thanks for the kind words
  4. All Done. All went well on this build.
  5. Thank You all!!! Great flies i will start this weekend.
  6. Hello all, I have been tying Woolly Buggers for a couple months now ...at least 25 if not more. Anyway I am looking for my next fly to tie either a streamer or a nymph. Any suggestions would be much appreciated Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks for the good words. Yes It is mahogany. I plan on adding some more black accents. When it is finished i will post more pics.
  8. Headband Magnifier With LED Light, Handsfree Reading Head Mount Magnifier Magnifying Glasses Light Bracket 5 Replaceable Lenses for Close Work, Jewelry Loupe, Watch Repair 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X, 3.5X by oenbopo. This is what & where I ordered mine on amazon
  9. I just bought these, Amazon $13 work great
  10. A new Fly Bench, Not finished yet.
  11. TJM That is awesome advise thank you for your time on this
  12. Over the weekend I bought a Fenwick Aetos 6wt 9'-0". I plan on using it for Streamer & Nymph fishing for Trout in New England rivers. Not sure if I bought the right size. Is there a big difference between a 5 & 6 wt? I liked the length of the 6wt @ 9'-0"
  13. Good Morning all. This may be a repeat question sorry if so. I am just starting to tie my own flies and question how much of the hook tip to expose in the vise. Is there a reason to leave it exposed? I catch the thread not to mention my finger on it all the time.
  14. You would never find anyone selling a tying station with walnut or any quality hardwood for $50-$75.... that wouldn't even cover a 1/2 of the material cost. This is the reason I would never put these up for sale, people don't understand the material cost or the labor hours to build one, not to mention all the tools needed to make it a quality piece. It's a good thing this is my hobby lol Never said you would. I said one would have to come in much cheaper to sell to fly shops, or, saying it another way, use cheaper material. i know walnut to be between 7 and 8 bucks a bf, cherry is around 6, maple around 4 or 5 and hickory, cedar, poplar between. 2 and 4. There's also furniture grade hardwood plywood that could be used on the deck to really cut building costs. A nice piece of void free 7 ply hardwood plywood (150 to 200 per sheet) with hardwood walnut tops could absolutely be made for right around 50 bucks and half that for cheaper woods and cheaper plywood. Not saying yours could be made for that but, a quality piece could still be made for less cost that will appeal to many more buyers. I've been an amateur hobbyist woodworker for many decades. I know full well the cost of wood and the time involved. I also know it's very very difficult to make money off of woodworking projects because your limited to what the majority of people would realistically pay for a tying desk. This is why I'm only an amateur hobbyist woodworker as well. I am a little envious that you have a CNC machine in your shop. You built a beautiful desk and it's worth every bit of 300 bucks and there are those few who would not bat an eye at that price. My response was more to jcb68's inquiry into the possibility of making them to sell at wholesale prices to fly shops who would have to sell at an attractive retail price with the goal of making a profit. in which case they would have to be quality made at a much cheaper build cost. Hey Poopdeck, Absolutely, it would be a tough gig trying to make a full time living off woodworking. I mean come on you can get everything you need at IKEA! jcb68 Just make a couple for your local fly shops and see how it works out. Let me know what you find out. Thanks! I will do that thanks for all your input. have a Happy Thanksgiving to all
  15. It really depends, I built this with all leftover material. I haven't figured out a price for the wood or my time but if I was putting it up for sale I would ask around $300. But I didn't batch this style out. If I were to offer these for sale I would tweak the design and batch a few out at a time to lower the labor involved. Thank you For the response That helps.
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