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  1. Question: Am I correct in using the rule of thumb that your leader should be the length of your rod and your tippet some where between 5 and 7 feet? and if it makes a big difference what is the reason or concept that we are following?
  2. Good morning, Thanks for the welcome and the responses. I guess what I am looking for is some one that would say for instance, I have fished these 4 lines a, b, c, d, in 4 wt weight forward, full floating line and wow I could tell a major difference in line b. I am sure this subject has been discussed many times are there any threads I could read that discussed this? I have found in the past when looking for the best for my personnel preferences, that the middle of the road priced products usually preformed very well. I guess I will research the manufacturing process, in most cases with outdoor products there are a handful of manufacturers that make a certain item and they sell to all of the distributors and retailers. All of your comments and suggestions are welcome and thank you again for your time.
  3. Good Morning Gentlemen, I am efdjr from the state of Georgia. Like most started fishing with a cane pole as soon as I could walk. My dad was a serious outdoorsman and with 3 brothers we all fished and hunted until we left home, I continued to this day. I picked up my dads fly rod at about 10 and fly fished from time to time through out my life. At 59 I find myself traveling a lot with my wife. We have been visiting a lot of other countries and will be in the future. At 40 I decided I would learn to play golf, so for 1 year I went to the driving range everyday and hit a half of a 5 gallon bucket of balls and studied Ben Hogans book on golf, 1 year later I played a round and shot 2 over par, I think I can figure this out. I have decided to try and fly fish these countries as we visit. I have come to realized that I know nothing about fly fishing,, however I am very serious about learning and have a multitude of questions. This is the first forum I have ever joined so we will see how it works. If anyone reads this I have a question. How do you know you are buying the best of anything from fly tying material to rods, and most importantly (to me anyway) flyline. I would like to find a product line and know that I am working with equipment that WILL work properly. I look forward to the journey.
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